Canon EOS 50D SLR Review

Canon EOS 50D

Playback Features

Playback Menu

  • Protect: Protect (or unprotect) images from being deleted. Note that
      it does not prevent them from being erased if the card is formatted
  • Rotate: Rotate image 90° or 270° clockwise
  • Erase Images: Erase selected images or all images on memory card
  • Print Order: Specify images to be printed
  • Transfer Order: Select images to be transferred to personal computer
  • Highlight alert: When enabled highlight areas will blink in the display
  • AF point disp. : Displays AF points in shooting information screen
  • Histogram: Brightness or RGB channels
  • Slide Show: Playback images on CF card as slide show
  • Image Jump: Allows you to set the main dial to jump th preset amount
      of pictures at a time.

Canon EOS 50d

Press the Playback button and the last image captured will display on the LCD. You can scroll through the images stored on the memory card using the Quick Control dial.

Pressing the Info button during playback changes the info display format on the LCD. First is the Single image display, then the Image-recording quality data is added. A third press of the info button adds the Histogram display and shooting information display and the fourth adds a RGB histogram.

Canon EOS 50d

During image playback just press the Enlarge button to magnify the image on the LCD. Further presses of the button magnify the image up to 10x. Use the Multi-controller joystick to move around the image. When you're finished just press the Reduce button.

Canon EOS 50d

While in Playback mode you can change the view to a 4 up index display by pressing the Index (checker board) button. Pressing the button again changes to a 9 up index display. The currently selected image is highlighted with a blue box, and you can navigate through the images using the Quick Control dial.

Rotate image 90° or 270° clockwise

Setup Menu

  • Auto Power Off: Sets the amount of inactivity time before the camera automatically
      turns itself off. (1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 mins or Off)
  • Auto rotate: Enable auto rotation of portrait mode images
  • Format - Format data card
  • File Numbering - Sequentially number or auto reset when CF card replaced, or manual reset
  • Select Folder - Select the folder to store and view images from
  • LCD Brightness: Adjust brightness of color LCD
  • Date/Time: Set the time and date and select the desired display format
  • Language: Select menu language from 25 choices
  • Video system: NTSC or PAL video output format
  • Sensor Cleaning: Sets up the camera for CCD sensor cleaning
  • Live View function settings: Enable/disable Live View on LCD
  • INFO button - Select function of menu button to Normal, Camera settings or
      Shooting functions
  • Flash control: Set built-in and external flash functions
  • Camera user settings: Register current setting as C1 - C3 Mode dial settings
  • Clear settings - Resets all camera settings, Custom Functions, or registered
      camera settings to default
  • Firmware Ver. Used to update the camera's firmware

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