Canon EOS 1D Mark III SLR Review

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Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Recording Menus

Pressing the MENU button on the back of the camera calls up the various menus on the large color LCD.
  • There is a small navigation control button below the eyecup that you use to move through the menus.

    Shooting Menu 1

    • White balance: This allows you to select from the following White Balance presets: Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light, Flash, Custom or by Color Temperature

    • Custom WB regist.: There are 2 ways to register custom white balance data. You can either take a photo and register it or register an image already saved on the memory card

    • WB SHIFT/BKT: Used to make WB bracket correction: B/A/M/G (blue/amber/magenta/green) bias, 9 levels each and WB-BKT: B/A (blue/amber) and M/G (magenta/green) bias, single level increments, +/- 3 levels

    • Color space: Select from sRGB or Adobe RGB

    • Picture style: Sets the style characteristics for various subjects, options include:
      • Standard - Natural hue and chroma, best for capturing natural color tone.
      • Portrait - Sets the hue and chroma for ideal skin tones.
      • Landscape - Adjusts hue and chroma to match high-saturation slide film.
      • Neutral - Corresponds to Adobe RGB color space.
      • Faithfull - Lowers chroma, for more subdued color tones.
      • Monochrome - Custom set 1
      • User Def. - Custom setting for 3 user defined Picture Styles

    Shooting Menu 2

    • JPEG quality: Sets jpeg compression rate

    • Image size: Sets the image size (recorded pixels), Image Type (JPEG, RAW. sRaw) and quality

    • Review time: Off, 2 sec., 4 sec., 8 sec. or Hold

    • Beep: On or Off

    • Shoot w/o card: On or Off

    • Dust Delete Data: Obtain dust-mapping data to eliminate spots with the bundled software

      Setup Menu 1

      • Auto power off: 1 min., 2 min., 4 min., 8 min., 15 min., 30 min., Off

      • Record func+media/folder sel.: Specify how images are recorded to the memory card(s)

      • File numbering: Continuous, Auto reset, Manual reset

      • File name setting: file name (unique setting), User setting 1, User setting 2

      • Auto rotate: On or Off

      • Format: Format and erase data from a memory card

      Setup Menu 2

      • LCD brightness: Seven brightness levels possible

      • Date/Time: Set the date and time

      • Language: Select from 18 languages

      • Video system: NTSC or PAL formats

      • Battery info.: Detailed battery information

      • Live view function settings: Live View shooting - On or Off, Grid Display - On or Off

      • External Speedlite control: Flash function settings

      Setup Menu 3

      • Save/load settings on media: Save profile settings to a media card for later use, Save or Load

      • Regist/apply basic settings: Save basic settings to a media card, Register or Apply

      • Clear all camera settings: Resets camera to default settings

      • Sensor cleaning: Auto, Clean now, Clean manually

      • Firmware Ver.: Shows the current camera firmware version

      • WFT settings: Displayed only when the WFT-E2/E2A (Wireless File Transfer) adapter is attached

      Custom Functions Menu

      • C. Fn I: Exposure: Exposure level increments

      • C. Fn II: Image/Flash exp/Disp: Noise reduction, Tone Priority, Flash Metering, Shutter Sync

      • C. Fn III: Auto focus/Drive: USM lens electronic MF, AI Servo sensitivity, AI Servo image priority

      • C. Fn IV: Operation/Others:Shutter button/AF-On, AF-ON/AE lock, Quick Control Dial metering

      • Clear all Custom Func.: Clears all Custom Function settings

      • C. Fn setting register/apply: Custom Function settings are saved and applied to camera

      My Menu

      • My Menu settings: Save frequently used menu items and Customs Functions

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