Apple iPhone 5c Review

Review posted 04/15/2014

Quick Take
  • Main iSight camera in iPhone 5c is very easy to use
  • 8MP of resolution is a nice amount in a smartphone camera
  • Panorama mode is extremely strong with the 5c
  • Image quality is good with this device's camera versus other smartphones
  • Apple iOS 7 works well with this device
  • Improves 1.2MP secondary camera (FaceTime camera) versus iPhone 5
  • Can shoot full HD video
  • Can capture still images at the same time as shooting video
  • Several body color choices
  • Battery life is good, allows for full day of operation
  • Smartphone is easy to use and works well
  • Not enough options for controlling 5c's camera manually
  • Exposure accuracy could be better in photos
  • Low light photography results tend to have some noise and could be of a better quality
  • Touchscreen could have more resolution and could be larger
  • No optical zoom option for camera
  • No microSD memory card storage option
  • Not a lot of differences from iPhone 5
Bottom Line
The Apple iPhone 5c is a very easy to use smartphone with a great iOS 7 interface, and this device's built-in iSight 8MP camera is extremely easy to use as well. The iPhone 5c's camera doesn't provide much in the way of manual control over your photographs through the unit's settings, which will disappoint some more experienced photographers. Image quality with the 5c is good compared to other smartphone cameras, but it can't quite match the image quality that you'd find with a beginner-level brand-name point-n-shoot model, in large part because you have so little control over the camera's settings. As long as you're planning to only share your iPhone 5c's photographs over the web and with social networking sites, this unit will provide adequate results. Read more in our Full Conclusion.

The Apple iPhone 5c smartphone provides plenty of colorful options along with an upgraded camera versus the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 5c, introduced at the same time as the iPhone 5s, offers an 8-megapixel BSI (backside illuminated) image sensor, which is the same as the iPhone 5, 5s, and 4s, but which is an upgrade over the iPhone 4.

With the 5c's main camera, called the iSight, you'll find an f/2.4 aperture five-element lens that's protected by a sapphire crystal lens cover. The built-in LED flash works well with low light photos.

Video recording is improved with the iPhone 5c as well. You can shoot full 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second with this smartphone, and you can record still images while shooting video. Apple included a 3x digital zoom option while shooting video.

Apple upgraded the secondary camera, called FaceTime, in the 5c versus previous iPhone versions. The FaceTime camera now offers 1.2MP of resolution and can shoot 720p HD video,
which works well for video calling.

The 5c makes use of the powerful iOS 7 operating system, which greatly simplifies usage of this smartphone and camera. You can purchase the iPhone 5c from various cellular carriers for about $99 for a 16GB internal memory version and about $199 for a 32GB version. Five pastel body colors are available with the iPhone 5c: White, pink, yellow, blue, and green.

iPhone 5c Features
  • 8-megapixel BSI (backside illuminated) CMOS image sensor
  • F/2.4 aperture
  • Full 1080p HD Video (@ 30fps)
    • 3x Live Video Zooming
  • 4.0-inch Widescreen Multi Touch Display
    • 1136x640 resolution
    • 326ppi
  • Hybrid IR filter
  • Autofocus
  • Tap to Focus
  • LED Flash
  • Face Detection (up to 10 Faces)
  • Panorama
  • iOS 7
  • Secondary FaceTime HD Camera
    • 1.2-megapixel BSI image image sensor
    • 720p HD Video
  • Built-in WiFi, DC-HSDPA, HSPA+, 3G, 2G and LTE
  • Lightning Connector (for data transfer and recharging)
  • Headphone jack
  • Camera App
  • Photos App

Apple's iPhone 5c is available now in green, blue, yellow, red, or white (along with a variety of colored cases and other accessories). If you opt for a two-year contract with service providers like AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, you can pick up a 16GB model for $99, or a 32GB version for $199. Hate contracts? No worries, unlocked at contract-free versions are available for $549 (for 16GB) and $649 (for 32GB).

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