Olympus C-2000 Zoom

The Olympus C-2000Z is a 2.1-megapixel digital camera capable of capturing SHQ (Super High Quality) 1600 x 1200 pixel images in standard JPG compressed or TIF uncompressed format. It features automatic programmed exposure as well as both shutter and aperture priority manual modes. Exposure control is user-selectable for center-weighted average or spot metering. The camera has a large internal RAM buffer to record rapid sequences of pictures. In SQ (Standard Quality) mode it can capture up to 45 images at 2 frames per second, in HQ (High Quality) mode it can capture more than 5 images at 1fps.

Olympus C-2000Z

The C-2000Z is a very compact (5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches) and lightweight (9.5oz without batteries) camera. Many people said that the D-600L was too big so the designers made the new C-2000Z as small as possible. The silver part of the camera is lightweight aluminum and the black part is high-impact plastic, the amount of each is about 50%.

It is still too large to call it "pocket size" but you can hang it around your neck or carry it all day in your hand with little to no fatigue.

Olympus C-2000Z

The C-2000Z is equipped with a large and bright optical viewfinder and a high resolution 1.8-inch color LCD display. Unlike the D-600, the C-2000Z's LCD can be used as a viewfinder and shows about 99% of the captured image.

Olympus C-2000Z

The LCD comes on automatically when the camera is in Shutter or Aperture priority mode to display the current aperture setting, shutter speed and EV compensation across the top of the frame. The LCD can also be turned on manually when in Programmed exposure mode by pressing the Monitor button.

Olympus C-2000Z

The information LCD displays most of the important camera settings. Shown here we have SHQ mode, redeye flash, self-timer or remote enabled, macro, EV compensation, spot metering, sequential mode and 21 pictures remaining.

The optical viewfinder has a diopter control mounted on the side which makes it easy to adjust while your eye is still in the viewfinder. As with most optical viewfinders it does not show the entire captured area and crops it down to about 92% of the image. If the camera is not turned on the optical viewfinder is purposely blurry as a reminder.

Olympus C-2000Z

The lens is a 3x optical zoom equivalent to a 35-105mm lens on a 35mm camera. It's an all-glass, aspheric optic made up of 8 elements in 6 groups. This is a fast lens with a maximum aperture of f/2 in wideangle and f/2.9 in full telephoto. Normal focus range is 31 inches to infinity and the macro (closeup) range is 8 to 31 inches.

Autofocus is achieved by means of the contrast-detection method. In normal lighting conditions the autofocus is very accurate but it has the usual problems in poor to dim conditions. The C-2000Z has two "Quick Focus" settings in case the autofocus cannot be used, one is fixed at 8 feet and the other is at infinity.

Auxiliary Lenses & Filters

When the camera is switched on the lens extends out from the body the same as the Toshiba PDR-M3 and Fuji MX-600 cameras we have tested. There are 41mm threads in the base of the lens mount and Olympus has an optional CLA-1 conversion lens adapter that attaches to it and provides the user with a 43mm filter thread mount. Olympus has a 1.7x (TCON-14) telephoto, a wideangle (WCON-08), and a macro (MCON-40) lens that screws into this adapter by means of the 43-55mm (SUR4355) stepup ring.

Looking for the hard to find Olympus CLA-1 lens adapter for the C-2000Z? My friends at Norman Camera now have them in stock, click on this CLA-1 link to go to their page.

Olympus C-2000Z

Here's a DigiSlave RingFlash RF-1 flash unit connected to the Olympus C-2000Z using the CLA-1 lens adapter.

Olympus C-2000Z

The mode dial is on top and looks like a 35mm camera's shutter speed control. For point and shoot automatic mode you use [P]rogrammed-Exposure where the camera picks the best combination of shutter speed and aperture. For manual shooting use the [A]perture priority mode for depth of field control or [S]hutter priority to stop rapid action.

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Olympus C-2000Z Specifications

Model Name: Olympus CAMEDIA C-2000ZOOM Digital Camera.
Imager: 1/2 inch CCD solid-state image pickup, 2,110,000 pixels in total (effective 2.0 million pixel).
Recording Image: 1,600 x 1,200 pixels (SHQ mode).
1,600 x 1,200 pixels (HQ mode: XGA).
640 x 480 or 1,024 x 768 pixels (SQ mode); selectable.
Lens: Olympus lens, 6.5 � 19.5 mm, F2.0 � 2.8, 8 elements in 6 groups (equivalent to 35 � 105 mm lens on 35 mm camera), including 2 aspherical lens..
Digital Tele: Digital 2.5 x Tele (SQ mode, VGA: 1.6 x, 2 x, 2.5 x selectable).
Storage Media: Removable 3.3 V SmartMedia (SSFDC) Card (2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 MB). One 8 MB card including panorama function is supplied with camera.
Number of storable frames
with 8MB SmartMedia card:
1 (SHQ mode, non-compress),
7 or more (SHQ mode, compress),
15 or more (HQ mode),
77 or more (SQ mode, XGA),
122 or more (SQ mode, VGA).
Compression Method: TIFF (non-compress),
JPEG (based on the new camera standard: Design Rule For Camera File System).
Copying with DPOF..
Aperture: WIDE: F2.0 � F11.0; TELE: F2.8 � F11.0 (auto select)..
Light Metering: Digital ESP TTL center-weighted average metering system with imager. Spot metering possible.
Exposure control: Programmed auto exposure (� 2 EV with 1/3 EV step exposure compensation).
White balance: Full-auto TTL, Pre-set (sunlight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light).
Focusing: TTL system autofocus, manual focus setting is possible (2.5 m � � (infinity) set in menu).
Focusing range: 20 cm � 80 cm (Macro mode), 80 cm � � (infinity) (Standard mode). LCD monitor is turned on automatically in Macro mode.
Shutter Mechanical, 1/2 � 1/800 sec.
1 to 16 seconds non AE
Viewfinder: Optical-real image viewfinder, LCD-monitor.
LCD monitor: 4.5 cm/1.8-inch colour TFT LCD monitor with approx. 114,000 pixel (made from low-temperature polysilicon). Brightness adjustment is possible.
Flash: Built-in flash..
Flash mode: AUTO: automatic flash activation in low- and backlight, Red-Eye Reducing Flash, OFF, FILL-IN, EXTERNAL (external flash)..
Flash working range: WIDE: 0.8 � 5.6 m,
TELE: 0.2 � 3.6 m (equivalent to ISO100).
Sequence Mode: At 2 frames per second: SQ mode, VGA: 45 sequential pictures or more, SQ mode, XGA: 30 sequential pictures or more, HQ mode: 5 sequential pictures or more..
On-Screen Display: One frame, Slide-Show Mode, Index-Display Mode (4, 9, 16 frames), 3x close-up.
Direct-Printing: (w/ P-300, P-150) (P-330; SM card I/F) Single, Index print (6 x 5 = 30 frames), Multi print (16-cut), Mirror print (for T-shirt iron print), Random image/All print (with P-300).
Outer connector: DC input terminal,
Data input/output terminal (RS-232C),
Video output terminal (NTSC).
Operating environment: Temperature: 0 � 40�C (operation), -20 � 60�C (storage). Humidity: 30 � 90% (operation), 10 � 90% (storage)..
Power source: 4 x AA Nickel Hydride batteries
4 x AA Lithium batteries
4 x AA alkaline batteries
4 x AA NiCd batteries
Optional AC adapter.
Date/Time/ Calendar: Simultaneous recording onto image data. Automatically set up to year 2030..
Calendar power source: Built-in capacitator backup using batteries for the body.
Interface: RS-232C, synchronisation method, 8-bit non-parity.
Dimensions: 5W x 2.6H x 2.1D inches
Weight: 305 g (without batteries and cards).

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