Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

Have you ever run in to this problem: You want to transfer your pictures to your computer but you can't find the USB cord to link up your camera to your computer? Well, the folks at Eye-Fi say they can solve that problem. The Eye-Fi wireless SDHC card goes into your camera just like any other SD/SDHC card would, but the magic happens when you get home turn the camera on and set it anywhere near a wireless network. Within seconds it will detect the Eye-Fi card and start downloading the images that are stored on it directly to your computer.

Installing the Eye-Fi software couldn't be easier, just plug the included card reader (with the card installed) into your computer's USB port, and install. Please note; this needs to be done before using the Eye-Fi card in your camera, as the software is stored on the card itself; we made the mistake of formating the card in our camera first. If you were to format the card in your camera before installing the Eye-Fi Manager program onto your computer, don't fret. The software is available to download from Eye-Fi's website. Once the Eye-Fi Manager is installed, and you have activated the wireless network, put the Eye-Fi card into your camera's SD slot and start taking pictures. In our testing I was close enough to the receiver that as I was taking pictures they were being downloaded right to the Eye-Fi Manager.

The Eye-Fi Homepage also shows images that are being or have been loaded. This also goes for video that is shot using the camera.


Another very cool feature of this card/software combo is that you can use the Eye-Fi to share photos and videos online. For our testing we used Facebook, but as you will see below there are many web sharing/social sites to choose from.

For Still Images

For Videos
Next is a series of screen captures showing how we set-up the Facebook connection and the last image is of some photos I uploaded to my Facebook account.

Depending on your needs, you can allow Eye-Fi and Facebook to communicate even when your not online. This feature will automatically start sending images to your Facebook (or other service you choose) as soon as Eye-Fi Manager receives them from your camera.

You can upload your video taken with the camera as well.


Eye-Fi even has a forum for discussions and questions you may have. This is accessed through the Eye-Fi Manager. The Eye-Fi ranges in price from $49.99 to $149.99 depending on the needs of the user and the capacity of the card.

Bottom line- I found that the Eye-Fi system did do everything they claimed it would do. It was easy to set-up and get running, the transfer of pictures and video wasn't lightning fast, but it seemed to work timely enough, and they did load up to Facebook fairly quickly. Be sure you have a camera that will work with this card as it's only compatible with models that accept SD or SDHC type media. One issue we noticed was that the Geotagging (a feature that tags the pictures with the location from where they are being uploaded from) is off. If you notice on my Facebook page, it lists Gainesville, GA, which is several states away from us. All in all, if your looking to eliminate some of the steps to get your pictures from the camera to your PC and/or social site, then the Eye-Fi should do the trick. This system also offer professionals the opportunity to produce on-scene prints during an event or shoot, with the option of having the photographer capture the photos, while someone near by with a laptop and printer can edit the photos and print them out on the spot.