Sony DSC-W130 Review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

Sony DSC-W130

Here you can see a typical Playback screen with icons for battery condition, image size, image folder, picture number / total number of pictures, Memory Stick Duo memory being used, file name and the date & time of capture. Pressing "left" and "right" on the 4-way controller allows you to scroll through stored images, and pressing "down" adjusts the volume. Pressing the display button toggles the amount of information on the screen from nothing to a full list including a histogram.

Sony DSC-W130

While viewing a picture full screen you can toggle the telephoto zoom control and zoom-in to the image in multiple steps up to 8x. Once magnified you can scroll around inside of the image using the onscreen 4-way selector.

Sony DSC-W130

Press the wide angle zoom control button to enter index mode, six or twenty thumbnail size images are displayed per page. This allows you to quickly search through you pictures.

Sony DSC-W130

Still image playback mode options:

    Delete - This image, Multiple images, All in this folder
    Slide Show - Start slideshow
    Retouch - Trimming, Red Eye Correction, Unsharp Masking, Soft Focus, Partial Color,
      Fisheye Lens, Cross Filter, Radial Blur, Retro
    Multi-Purpose Resize - HDTV, Web
    Protect - This image, Multiple images
    DPOF - This image, Multiple images
    Print - Print
    Rotate - Rotate portrait mode images for TV display
    Select Folder - Change the current image folder

The Rotate option lets you rotate portrait mode images for correct playback on the LCD or TV screen.

Sony DSC-W130

Movies are played back full-screen, audio is replayed through the speaker.

Sony DSC-W130

Main Settings 1:

    Beep - Shutter, On, Off
    Function Guide - On or Off
    Initialize - Reset the default settings
Main Settings 2:
    USB Connect - Auto, PictBridge, PTP/MTP, Mass Storage
    Component - HD (1080i), SD
    Video Out - NTSC, PAL
    Wide Zoom Display - On or Off
Shooting Settings 1:
    AF Illuminator - Auto or off
    Grid Lines - On or Off
    AF Mode - Single or Monitor
    Digital Zoom - Smart, Precision, Off
    Conversion Lens - Tele, Wide, Off
Shooting Settings 2:
    Auto Orientation - On or Off
    Auto Review - On or Off
    Clock Settings - Set the date and time
    Language - Set the camera language

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