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Kodak Easyshare V705

Review Posted 2/28/2007

Click to take 360-degree QTVR tour of the Kodak Easyshare V705
Click to take a 360-degree QTVR tour of the V705

The KODAK EASYSHARE V705 is the world’s smallest ultra-wide-angle digital camera. Using KODAK's RETINA Dual Lens Technology you can capture amazingly wide views with the ultra-wide-angle (23 mm) lens, and get closer and see the details with 5X optical range. All this power is packed into an ultra-slim package less than an inch wide.

In addition to its dual lens design, the 7.1-megapixel V705 camera boasts a variety of notable features to enhance the photography experience, including in-camera panorama stitching, which automatically combines two or three pictures into a panorama photograph. Using the ultra-wide view in panorama scene mode, people can take in a 180-degree vista with just three shots - an industry exclusive.

The V705 camera records TV-quality video, 640 × 480 at up to 30 frames per second (fps) using advanced MPEG-4 compression. Built-in image stabilization technology reduces on-screen shaking from unintentional hand and camera movement. The camera's optical zoom is fully functional during video recording including auto focus. With the V705's built in editing, it's simple to select any frame in a video, then save and print it as a "freeze frame" still picture in just seconds.

The big 2.5 inch high-resolution color LCD gains up in low light situations and features a wide viewing angle. With KODAK's PERFECT TOUCH Technology you can make your pictures as vivid as the moment you took them, print better, brighter pictures, and clear up dark shadows to reveal more smiles.Thanks to Anti-blur technology you can reduce the blur caused by camera shake, subject movement, or low- light conditions. The V705 automatically adjusts its settings to let you choose from 22 scene and 5 color modes letting you take the best shot with the least effort.

The V705 is part of the KODAK EASYSHARE System, so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Just press "Share" and your photo will be ready to print or e-mail later. With the KODAK EASYSHARE Software (included) you can organize files and folders, print greeting cards, and create Photo Projects.

Kodak V705 Features:

  • 7.1 megapixel (effective) CCD for prints up to 20 × 30 in inches
  • Super-slim metal alloy body, less than an inch thick
  • Two SCHNEIDER- KREUZNACH C-VARIOGON lenses; 23mm ultra-wide and a 5x optical with 39-117 mm coverage (35mm equivalent)
  • KODAK Color Science image processing technology for proper exposure, white balance and color saturation
  • Indoor/Outdoor 2.5-inch Wide-view color LCD display with 230,000 pixels
  • 640x480 MPEG-4 movie mode, 30fps with audio, up to 80 minutes
  • Auto, Portrait, Movie and 22 Scene exposure modes
  • Multi-zone AF and Center Zone AF with focus-assist lamp
  • In-camera red-eye removal, distortion correction and panorama stitching
  • TTL Metering: Multi-pattern, Center-weighted or Center Spot
  • Selectable ISO sensitivity: Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000
  • Built-in multi mode flash
  • Customizable startup sound themes and camera sound effects
  • 32MB internal memory + removable SD/MMC card storage
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery and custom camera insert for optional KODAK EASYSHARE Photo Frame Dock 2
  • Adapter/cables for USB and Video
  • Imagelink and PictBridge compliant for direct printing
  • Compatible with optional Easyshare Printer Docks

Physical Views

Kodak Easyshare V705

Kodak Easyshare V705

Kodak Easyshare V705 Kodak Easyshare V705

Kodak Easyshare V705

Kodak Easyshare V705

Kodak Easyshare V705

The Easyshare V705 compared in size to a CD.

The Easyshare V705 and the Easyshare V610.

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Kodak V705 Specifications

CCD resolution (effective pixels) 7.3 MP (3152 × 2342)
Image resolution (recorded pixels) 7.1 MP (3081 × 2313)
Picture quality 7.1 MP-best (3072 × 2304), prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 76 cm)
6.3 MP-best 3:2 (3072 × 2048), optimized ratio for 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm)
5.0 MP-better (2576 × 1932), prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 76 cm)
3.1 MP-good (2048 × 1536), prints up to 8 × 10 in. (20 × 25 cm)
1.1 MP-e-mail (1200 × 900), small prints
Still format JPEG/EXIF v 2.21
Lens SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH C-VARIOGON Lenses; RETINA Dual Lens Technology: ultra wide-angle lens (23 mm equiv.) plus 3X optical lens (up to 117 mm equiv. telephoto) system. Provides 5X optical range 23 mm-fixed (35 mm equiv.) f/2.8 39-117 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/3.9-f/4.4
Advanced digital 4X advanced digital, total range 20X
Aperture ultrawide: f/2.8
3X lens: f/3.9 at wide, f/4.4 at tele
Shutter speed ultra-wide: 8-1/1448 sec.; 3X: 8-1/1170 sec.
LCD 2.5 in. (6.35 cm) high resolution (230K pixels) indoor/outdoor color display with wide viewing angle and 2 level brightness adjustment
Scene modes portrait, panorama left-right, panorama right-left, sport, landscape, close-up, night portrait, night landscape, snow, beach, text, fireworks, flower, manner/museum, self portrait, party, children, backlight, panning shot, candlelight, sunset, custom
Color modes natural color (default), high color, low color, sepia, black and white
Burst mode Maximum 7 pictures @ 3 fps; Auto Exposure, Auto Focus, Auto White Balance executed for first shot only
Click to capture 0.2 sec. (preview on) wide
Shot to shot 1.2 sec.
Video mode continuous MPEG-4 compressed video with audio capture and playback
Video resolution VGA (640 × 480 pixels) at 30 fps, VGA (640 × 480 pixels) at 30 fps with long time mode, QVGA (320 × 240 pixels) at 30 fps
Video length continuous up to 80 min. based on memory capacity
Video features 3X during video with digital image stabilization and auto focus; video print options including 4, 9, or 16 multi-up pictures; split video on-camera editing
Video format QUICKTIME MPEG 4
Auto focus TTL-AF; Auto, Multi-Zone, Center-Spot
Auto focus control single AF, continuous AF
Focus range 31.5 in. (80 cm)-infinity @ Ultra-wide
24 in. (60 cm)-infinity @ Wide normal
2-27.6 in. (5-70 cm) @ Wide macro
11.8-27.6 in. (30–-70 cm) @ Tele macro
24 in. (60 cm)-infinity @ Tele normal
Sensitivity ISO equivalent Auto: 50-200 and 64, 100, 200, 400, 800* (Manual)
White balance auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, open shade
Exposure metering auto: TTL-AE; selectable: multi pattern, center-weighted, center-spot
Exposure compensation ±2.0 EV with 0.3 EV steps
Long time exposure 0.5-8 sec.
Histogram display display on live view and review
Built-in flash auto, off, fill, digital red-eye reduction
Flash range 2.6-10.2 ft (0.8-3.1 m) @ Ultra Wide, @ Auto ISO:
2-7.2 ft (0.6-2.2 m) @ Wide,@ Auto ISO:
2-6.6 ft (0.6-2 m) @ Tele, @ Auto ISO:
Review options single, magnification (2X-8X) with pan, multi-up, slide show, play, rewind, pause, fast-forward and rewind, forward and rewind by frame/td>
Editing Crop, KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology, trim, make a picture from video, video action print (4, 9, or 16 up)
Favorites slide show, multi-up, direct Favorites, set-up menu
Dedicated buttons Shutter, power, auto/SCN, video, Favorites,/magnify, info/framing grid, 5-way joy stick, landscape/close-up, flash mode, delete, menu, review, Share
Sound selectable sound themes: default, jazz lounge, secret agent
Auto picture rotation on, off, on transfer
Software Works with KODAK EASYSHARE Software
Storage 32 MB internal memory** available, SD/MMC card expansion slot
Self-timer 2 and 10 seconds,
Dock compatibility Works with optional G600 Printer Dock, Printer Dock Plus Series 3, and Printer Dock Series 3 or with adapter with Printer Dock Plus, Printer Dock, and Printer Dock 6000
IMAGELINK Print System compatible yes
PICTBRIDGE enabled yes
I/O interface A/V output (NTSC or PAL, user-selectable), exclusive KODAK Camera Dock/Printer Dock interface, digital (USB 2.0) connector
Power KODAK Lithium-ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery KLIC-7001, 5V AC adapter
Lens protection built in lens barrier
Tripod mount 1/4 in. standard
Weight without batteries: 4.4 oz (125 g)
Dimensions W × H × D: 4 × 2 × .8 in. (101 × 49.8 × 20.4 mm)

Specifications are as represented by the manufacturer.

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