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Samsung nv15

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

To playback your photos just touch the right-pointing triangle, the Playback button, below the LCD. The last image taken will be displayed. You can scroll through your photos, access albums you have created and set DPOF print settings. Hitting the Play button again closes the play mode. The images look great on the LCD. You can share your photos on a TV using the AV cable.

Samsung NV15

If you have set the On Screen Display (OSD) in the camera menu to display "Full", you will see this information on the left side of the LCD, overlaying your images:

  • Battery level
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Flash info
  • Image size
  • Recorded date
On the right of the LCD there are icons to show you are in Playback mode and below that the button to start a slideshow. The third and fourth icons are used to Protect or Delete images. And finally we see the DPOF options icon and the Setup menu icon.

Samsung NV15

While in Playback mode you can view an index of your shots by pressing the Wide/Tele bar downward. The last nine images will appear on the LCD.

Samsung NV15

You can enlarge the view of an image by pressing the Wide/Tele bar upward. The selected photo will enlarge and you can scroll around the image area with the Smart Buttons below the LCD.

Samsung NV15

Movie Clips - You can play your movies on the LCD using VCR-style controls. Minor editing is possible in camera to Grab selected a frame or trim frames from the movie.

Voice Memos - If you have recorded any voice memos on the camera you can select and play them back using the VCR-style controls.

Samsung NV15

PictBridge - The NV15 will print to any PictBridge compatible printer. After connecting the camera to the printer a message will appear on the LCD screen informing you camera is connecting. Next, a printing menu will be displayed on the LCD and the Smart Buttons can be used to select images to print, size of the print desired and other options depending on the capabilities of your printer. The camera is also compatible with the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) protocol.

Samsung nv15

To enter Setup in any mode, press the Smart Button below the squiggly line icon in the lower right of the LCD.

Samsung nv15

Camera Setup Menu
    OSD set -On Screen Display in Recording Mode - Full or Basic

    OSD set - On Screen Display in Playback Mode - Full or Basic

    File - Continue numbering or reset numbering

    Language - 22 choices

    Date & Time - Date and time format, choose home city from list

    Imprint - Off, Date & time, Date only

    LCD - Auto, Dark, Normal or Bright

    AF Lamp - On or off

    Power Off - 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes

    Quick View - Off, .5, 1 or 3 seconds

    Start Image - Off, Logo or User image

    Sound Volume - Off, Low, Medium or High

    Beep Sound - Off, Sound 1, Sound 2 or Sound 3

    Start Sound - Off, Sound 1, Sound 2 or Sound 3

    Shutter Sound - Off, Sound 1, Sound 2 or Sound 3

    Format - Format memory card - No or Yes

    Delete All - No or Yes

    Copy to Card - No or Yes

    Video Out - Video format - NTSC or PAL

    Reset - Reset camera - No or Yes

Samsung NV15

PC/Macintosh Compatibility - The NV15 communicated well with both Windows and Macintosh PCs without needing any software installed. Connect the supplied USB cable to your computer and turn the camera on. A message will appear on the LCD asking if you're connecting to a computer or a printer.

On a PC running Windows Vista - the computer opened an "Auto Play" menu which allowed the pictures to be viewed or imported into the Windows Pictures folder. You are prompted to enter a name for the folder and asked if you want to delete the images from the camera. You can then use the Windows Photo Gallery or your software of choice to edit, print, email or copy the photos.

On a Macintosh running OS X 10.5 Leopard - the computer automatically opened the iPhoto application and offered to transfer the images to iPhoto. I was prompted to enter a name for the folder and asked if I wanted to delete the images from the camera. After transfer I used the iPhoto application to edit photos, print , order a photo book, etc.

Samsung NV15

Samsung ships the NV15 with software and drivers for Windows. The CD includes the Samsung Master Software, an all-in-one multimedia software solution with the ability to download, view, edit and save your digital images and movie files. Although the camera driver and Divx 6.7 video driver installed correctly on my PC, the Master software did not. The camera driver was not required to transfer the images from the camera to a PC, however the Divx video codec is required to play the NV15's videos on your computer.

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