Fujifilm FinePix S20 Pro Review

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Fujifilm Finepix S20 Pro

Bundled Software

Hyper-Utility2 is a software application that enables you to save still images, movies and sound files that you have recorded using a digital camera onto your computer, and then organize, modify and print the saved files. Folders and files such as still images, movies and sound are shown as thumbnails to allow quick and easy checking.

The main window consists of six areas:

  1. Folder Tree - In the top-left corner of the main window is the "Folder Tree" area used to display the folders stored on the camera or PC.

  2. Preview - The upper part of the center of the main window is occupied by the Preview area showing the currently selected image. The Preview can be switched between 4 display modes as required: Standard (horizontal) layout, Vertical layout, Standard + Comparison of 2 Images and Vertical + Comparison of 2 Images.

  3. Thumbnail - The lower part (or right side) of the center of the main window shows thumbnail versions of the images in folder currently selected in the "Folder Tree" area. The Thumbnail can be switched between 3 display modes as required: Thumbnails, Thumbnails with information or Details List.

  4. Assistant Tool - The bottom left corner of the main window is the "Assistant Tool" area, which shows information such as the "Navigator", "Histogram" and "Image Information".

  5. Tool Bar - Along the bottom of the main window is the "Tool Bar". This Tool Bar can be used to manipulate markers, manipulate files and folders, set the preferences, switch thumbnail display modes and display the "Control" area.

  6. Control - The "Control" area shown on the right side of the main window can be used for procedures such as remote photography with the camera. (See more on this below)

Compare 2 Images - The Preview split-window mode splits the screen horizontally or vertically to allow 2 images to be compared or checked.

Camera Control - Clicking on the camera icon in the lower right corner will launch the camera cotrol panel if the S20 Pro is connected via the FireWire IEEE 1394 port. From here you can control all aspects of camera operation from the keyboard. Images will be captured, transfered to the computer and then appear in the editing window.

RAW File Conversion

Fujifilm supplies several utility programs for working with the raw RAF files created by the S20 Pro. The RAW Converter EX is a full-featured application that lets you manipulate the raw data before saving it as a TIFF or JPEG (more on this below.) You can quickly convert a raw file to TIFF using RAW Converter LE. You can extract the 1280x960 JPEG preview image from the raw file or you can convert the 13MB raw file into a space-saving compressed 9MB format with the RAW FILE COMPRESSOR.

While viewing a raw file just right-click on the preview image and this popup will appear to let you quickly launch the other raw file utility programs or perform other operations.

If you select the "Convert with RAW FILE CONVERTER EX" option you will then be presented with these options for selecting the desired working Color Space before the image is loaded into the converter.

This is the main window of the RAW FILE CONVERTER EX program, from here you can adjust tone curves, white balance, color temperature, sharpness, color, sensitization and dynamic range and select the desired output file type (16bit TIFF or 8bit Exif-JPEG Fine/Normal/Basic), filesize (2832x2124, 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1280x960) and destination folder

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