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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P8

Features & Controls

Sony DSC-P8

The P8 is equipped with a F2.8 Sony 3x optical zoom with 39 to 117mm coverage (as compared to a 35mm camera.) Auto focus options include Multipoint AF (center, center+right and center+left) or Center AF only.

The user can manually select a focus distance of 0.5m, 1m, 3m, 7m or infinity.

When the camera is not in use the lens retracts inside of the body and is protected by a builtin lens cap.

Sony's cameras are equipped with a focus illuminator that assists the auto focus system in dim lighting or total darkness.

Sony DSC-P8

The eyelevel optical real-image zoom viewfinder has a field of view of approx. 80% of the captured image. There is no diopter adjustment. The LEDs indicate card activity/Self-Timer, Autofocus/Auto Exposure Lock and Flash status.

Sony DSC-P8

The built-in flash has modes for Auto flash, Fill-flash, Slow Shutter or Flash Cancel and Red-eye Reduction can be enabled via the Setup menu. The working range for the flash is 1.6 to 12.5 ft (W), 2 to 7.9 ft (T).

Sony DSC-P8

On top is the Power button and the Shutter release which is in the center of the Mode Dial. The Mode Dial has positions for SETUP, Movie, Playback, Auto, Program AE and SCeNe.

Sony DSC-P8

Controls on the back: Zoom control buttons which also serve as the magnify and index buttons in playback mode. Below the viewfinder is the MONITOR button that turns the color LCD on/off and also controls the display of overlay information. The MENU button calls up or dismisses the onscreen menus. The other button is for changing the image size, in play mode it is used to delete images.

The 4-way selector lets you navigate through the menus or select images during playback. Pressing it in the center accepts selections. In record it lets you select the flash mode, macro focus mode, self-timer and Quick Review mode.

Sony DSC-P8

The I/O ports are found behind a door on the back and include (left to right) the DC input from the AC adapter/charger, an Audio - Video Out port to display images on a TV and a USB 2.0 port for transferring images to the computer. The video timing can be set for NTSC or PAL standard.

Sony DSC-P8

Located on the side along with the battery is the Memory Stick Pro card slot. The DSC-P8 comes with an 16MB Memory Stick and can use any capacity Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro card. The Memory Stick is easily removed by pressing it inward which makes it "pop" out slightly.

Memory Stick PRO Media Compatibility: Tested to support up to 1GB media capacity; does not support high speed transfer function; does not support Access Control security function.

Sony DSC-P8

Power is supplied by a Sony NP-FC11 3.6V 780mAH InfoLITHIUM rechargeable battery pack. The battery is charged in-camera with the supplied AC-LS1A AC adapter/charger and a fully depleted battery is recharged in 150 minutes.

Sony quotes a battery life of approx. 70 minutes (1400 images) with the LCD on and approx. 90 minutes (1800 images) with the LCD turned off. Viewing time is approx. 160 minutes. The Power Save function darkens the LCD slightly and puts the camera into single-AF mode to conserve as much power as possible.

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