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Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Features & Controls

The KD400Z is equipped with an 8 - 24mm Hexanon zoom lens (equivalent to 39-117mm on
35mm camera.) This is an all-glass lens with 7 elements in 6 groups and has a maximum
aperture of F2.8 (wide) - 4.9 (tele.) When powered down, the lens retracts and is
protected by the front, sliding cover.

The focusing system works from 0.5m to infinity in wide angle and
from 0.8m to infinity in telephoto. Macro coverage is 0.1m to infinity (wide)
and 0.5m to infinity (tele.)

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

The real image optical zoom viewfinder is small with a very narrow viewing angle. It
shows approximately 85% of the captured image. There is no diopter adjustment. The
two LEDs indicate focus and flash status.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

The builtin flash is auto-adjusting with modes for Auto flash, Red-eye reduction auto,
Flash ON, Slow sync and Flash OFF. The working range: Approx. 0.5 - 3.5m (Wide);
approx. 0.5 - 2m (Telephoto). It has a 5 second recycle delay with a fully charged

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

One of the KD400Z's more unique features is the series of blue LED lamps across the
front. When you first turn the camera on they flash momentarily. They also light up
when you have the shutter half-pressed and serve as a visual cue to your subject
that the picture is about to be taken. When using the selftimer these lamps light
up and then cycle as the timer runs down. If you've seen the old TV series
Battlestar Galactica I'd say that these LEDs are similar to those on the
Cylon robots when they cycle back and forth.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

The controls on the back are minimal but effective. Across the top on the left is
the PLAY mode button, the DISPLAY button (push once to clear LCD overlay information
and a second time to turn off the color LCD) and the TRASHCAN button to delete the
currently displayed image. On the right are the WIDE and TELE buttons which operate
the zoom in Record mode and serve as the magnified image controls when the camera is
in Playback mode. Below them is the builtin speaker. On the bottom is the MENU / SET
button, it calls up the menu system and makes selection. The 4-way controller lets you
navigate menu screens and options, select images for playback and in Record the "right"
side selects the Flash mode and the "left" side selects Macro, Infinity and Selftimer

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

This is the first digicam that we've seen (or even heard about) that has a dual card
slot for SD/MMC and Memory Stick flash media. In fact, this is the first camera that
isn't made by Sony that can use Memory Stick cards. With current capacity limitations
you can put a 128MB SD and a 128 MS card in the camera and that makes for some decent
storage space until bigger cards come out.

The dual card slots share the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

The only I/O connector is a USB 1.1 connection for data downloads to the computer.
There is no DC IN or Video Out port on the KD400Z.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Like most of the "mini" cameras, the KD400Z is powered by a proprietary lithium-ion
rechargeable battery pack. The ultra-slim DR-LB4 is a 3.7v 820mAh pack with enough
power for 100 pictures with LCD on or 200 pictures with the LCD off (normal humidity
and temperature, flash intensity 50%, shot every 30 sec. zoomed one direction once,
2304×1704 image size.) And 90 minutes of continuous playback time.

The DR-LB4 is the only battery that can be used in this camera so be sure to buy
a spare and keep it with you -- or else your picture taking is over when the
battery runs out!

The included
DR-BC-K4 120-240V AC charger will replenish the battery is approx. 2.5 hours.
Konica has an optional DR-AC4 AC power supply for the KD400Z.

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