Canon Powershot G3 Review

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Canon PowerShot G3

Features & Controls

The all-glass Canon 7.2-28.8mm 4x zoom (35-140mm 35mm equivalent) boasts a maximum aperture of f/2.0-3.0, and is constructed in 7 elements with 8 groups. The real Iris-type aperture can be used to create background blur for professional-grade portraits.

Focus range is 70cm (2.3 ft.) to infinity in normal mode. Macro autofocus range is 6cm (0.2 ft.) (wide-angle) / 20cm (0.7 ft.) (telephoto) to 70cm (2.3 ft.).

The autofocus is accomplished via a FlexiZone TTL system with an almost infinite number of possible AF points selectable on the LCD monitor. The PowerShot G3 offers Focus Bracketing - a first on any digital camera - to further ensure proper focus of the main subject. Focus bracketing takes three consecutive shots, moving the focus position in front and behind the current position of the subject. The difference between each shot can be set to large, medium or small, allowing a "fine focus position" to be found which matches the photographer's intention even when precise focus positions are critical such as with macro photography.

The G3 also features an AF assist illuminator for accurate focusing even in dim to dark environments. Focusing of the lens is achieved with a rear-focusing method that moves only one lens element, minimizing the weight of the focusing component for greater focusing speed while reducing strain on the battery.

Canon Powershot G3

The lens ring now comes off very easily thanks to a push button and bayonet lock. The optional Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58B lets you use the special Canon conversion lenses and 58mm filters.

Canon Powershot G3

There are three add-on lenses for use with the G3, they all require the LA-DC58B lens adapter:

  • WC-DC58N - 24.5mm wideangle, focus range 0.4in to infinity, 58mm threads
  • TC-DC58N - 245mm tele, focus range 1.3ft to infinity, 58mm threads
  • 250D - 250mm macro lens, focus range 4.7 - 7.9in., 58mm threads
    Lets you shoot macro shots from a more comfortable distance.

Canon Powershot G3

There are also third-party vendors with lens attachments such as the Lensmate G3 52 adapter shown here. It allows the use of 52mm filters. There is also a 58mm Lensmate adapter for the G3.

Canon Powershot G3

The G2 got a "beefier" handgrip and now with the G3, Canon has re-designed it to be even more comfortable and secure.

The new Main Dial is placed for easy operation with your fingertip to change camera settings.

Canon Powershot G3

This is the same type of swiveling 1.8-inch color LCD used on the G2, Pro 90IS and the original G1. It can tilt up or down and be turned all the way around to face forwards. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it - and there's nothing wrong with this design at all!)

Canon Powershot G3Canon Powershot G3

or the LCD can be folded up against the back of the camera with the screen exposed or turned around the other way to protect it when not in use.

Canon Powershot G3

To save battery power switch off the LCD and frame your shots with the eyelevel optical viewfinder. There is a diopter adjustment for those of us with less than perfect eyesight. The LEDs on the side indicate recording, autofocus and flash status. The eyelevel finder shows approximately 85% of the captured image.

In wideangle focal lengths the lens barrel is visible in the viewfinder's field of view. This doesn't affect the picture taking but it sure is annoying in a camera of this caliber.

Canon Powershot G3

The builtin 5-mode (Auto, Redeye, Slow-sync, On, Off) flash will handle most average picture taking tasks. It has a range of 0.7m (2.3 ft.) - 5m.(16.5 ft.) (W) / 0.7m (2.3 ft.) - 4m (13.1 ft.) (T) (sensitivity at ISO 100 equivalent)

Canon Powershot G3

On top is a flash hot shoe with dedicated TTL contacts for the Canon 220EX, 380EX, 420EX or 550EX automatic speedlights. (550EX shown)

Canon Powershot G3

It will also accomodate Canon's MR-14EX macro speedlite too.

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