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Toshiba PDR-M61

Record Screens & Menus

A typical Auto Record screen with the overlay data enabled. Upper right is the number of pictures remaining, the flower icon indicates Macro closeup mode, the flash is set to always on (fill mode) and we have a fully charged set of batteries in the camera. The current time and date is in the lower right corner.

Toshiba PDR-M61

Besides the 3x optical zoom there is also a 2x digital zoom option. If shooting in one of the 2-megapixel (1792x1200) modes a 896x600 sized image is created as it digitally magnifies the center of the frame. As is to be expected, the image quality in digital zoom is slightly degraded.

Toshiba PDR-M61

This is the screen display when you turn the camera on in Manual Record mode. You can adjust either the white balance or the exposure compensation as shown in the two frames a little further down.

Toshiba PDR-M61

Pressing the 4-way selector straight in toggles between the display shown above and the other Manual Record display in the previous frame.

Toshiba PDR-M61

Manual Record mode allows te user to select an exposure value override to "fine tune" the picture. The EV values are from -1.5 to +1.5 in 0.3 steps. You can see the exposure change on the color LCD as you vary the EV values.

Toshiba PDR-M61

You can also select a white balance preset in Manual Record. The default is Automatic but there is also Sunny, Flourescent 1 (red), Flourescent 2 (blue), or Incandescent.

Record mode menu options

Pressing the menu button while in Auto or Manual will bring up the following menu screens.

SET-UP menu options

The SETUP menu is enabled via the Mode Dial on top of the camera

Toshiba PDR-M61

  • LANGUAGE - English, Deutch, Francais, Espanol or Japanese
  • SOUND - On or Off
  • TIME - Set the time and date
  • AUTO-OFF - 1, 2, or 3 minutes
  • TV - NTSC or PAL video output
  • IMAGE No. - Set or Reset sequential numbering
  • DEFAULT - Reset all options back to factory default

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