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(Most of our hardware reviews are getting rather "dated" as we just haven't had any
time to review items other than new cameras and photo printers in the last 2 years.)

Batteries, Chargers
Battery Packs
Rechargeable Battery & Charger Prices

NiMH AA/AAA Chargers

iPowerUS FC-501 NiMH/NiCD Charger
Lenmar Mach1 Gamma NiMH Speed Charger
Maha C-204F NiMH Rapid Charger
Maha C-401FS NiMH Rapid Charger
Quest Q2 NiMH Charger
Rayovac I-C3 NiMH 15-Min. Charger
Rayovac PS4 NiMH/NiCd 1 Hr Charger

Other Chargers

ICP Solar Charger/Battery Eliminator
Instant Power Zinc-air Batteries
Lenmar Mach1 Lithium Speed Charger
Maha C2000 Lithium/NiMH/NiCD charger
Maha MH-C777PLUS Lithium/NiMH/NiCD Charger
PowerVision Rechargeable CR-V3 Lithium
Sima SPM13 Lithium Charger

Flash Cards &
Storage Devices
Memory Cards - Info About Different Types

High-Capacity CF & SD Cards
IBM / Hitachi Microdrives
Flash Card Readers
USB 2.0 Readers
Addonics Pocket UDD PCMCIA (USB 2.0)
Asante GiniII 6in1 Reader/Writer (USB 2.0)
Lexar Multi-Card Reader (USB 2.0)
SanDisk ImageMate 8-in-1 (USB 2.0)

USB 1.1 Readers
Acomdata Multiflash CF/CF2/SM/MS/MMC
Addonics Mini DigiDrive 7in1
AFT Pro II 5in1 Internal/External
BUSlink 6in1 Data Banker
Chase Tech Swift Syncro USB SM/PC
Dazzle 6in1
Delkin Reader-5 USB CF/SM
Delkin Reader-18 6in1
FujiFilm SM-R1 SmartMedia Reader
Intermart/SCM PCD-30USB
Lexar Universal USB Reader
MicroTech USB CameraMate
MicroTech USB ZiO!
Robanton USB 6-in-1
SanDisk ImageMate USB

FireWire Port
Unity Digital MDCF-FW CF/CF2

Parallel Port
ActionTec Camera Connect Pro
Memorex CardMate PCF-100

MicroTech DPAI Internal
Minolta CD-10 External

Color Correction
ColorVision Printfix Pro Printer ICC Profile Maker
Image Storage Devices
Addonics MFR (CD-R/DVD)
Apacer Disc Steno CP-100
Apacer Disc Steno CP-200
Clik! Drive for Digital Cameras
Delkin PicturePAD
Digital Wallet Portable Storage
FotoShow ZIP Disk Storage/TV Viewing
Image Bank Portable Storage
Image Tank G2 Portable Storage
JOBO GigaVu PRO Storage/Viewer
NixVue Digital Album
NixVue Vista
Transcend Digital Album
Transcend USB2 Photobank
X'S-Drive VP-2030
X'S-Drive Pro VP-300
TV Display Devices
Delkin Picturevision
SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer
LCD Picture Viewers
Ceiva: Internet-Connected Picture Frame
Digi-Frame 5.6" LCD Picture Viewer
Glasstron LCD Eyeglasses
VideoChip's Wallet LCD Picture Viewer
Flashes & Brackets
DSF-1s DigiSlave Flash
Magic Bracket for Nikon 9xx
MagneFlash 57 Flat-Panel Flash
MagneFlash 68 Flat-Panel Flash
Phoenix 66S Pro Slave Flash
Quantaray MS-1 Slave Booster
The Rollbar flash bracket for Nikon 9xx
Versatec Flash Bracket for Nikon 9xx
360° Imaging
Kaidan 360° One (May 2002)
Kaidan 360° One Model 3 (Aug 2005)
Image/Film Scanners
AcerScan Prisa 620U Flatbed Scanner
Canon Canoscan FS4000 Film Scanner
Epson Perfection 2450 Photo/Film Scanner
Happenstance/Nikon 950/990 Slide Copier
Happenstance/Nikon 950/990 Close-up Stand
Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III
Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED
LCD Sunshades
HoodMan E-2000 Laptop LCD Sunshade
HoodMan dSLR Pro Shooter Kit
HoodMan Nikon D1 LCD Hoodcap
HoodMan LCD Sunshades
JAR Sun Shield
Opt-X Pro LCD Optical Viewer
PhotoDon's LCD Sunshades
Xtend-a-View 2x Loupe/Shade
Xtend-a-View Pro Loupe/Shade

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