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Canon PowerShot S20


Canon s20

Alongside the color LCD are the EV compensation / White Balance, Menu / Set rocker switch and the Display button. Pressing the "+/- /WB" button once brings up the onscreen EV compensation slider control, pressing it again brings up the White Balance onscreen menu.

The Menus are activated by the Menu button, the 4-way switch navigates through the choices and the Set button accepts the current choice. See the next page of this report for the menu screens.

The Display button controls the color LCD and the overlay info displayed on it.

Canon s20

Located on top is a monochrome data LCD that indicates the selected image size and quality, recording mode, flash mode, macro mode, low battery warning, exposure compensation and the number of pictures remaining.

Canon s20

Equipped with a modern CompactFlash Type II slot, the S20 can accomodate all solid state Type I and II devices or the high-capacity IBM Microdrive. The problems experienced between the Microdrive and the S10 have been corrected.

Canon s20

The S20 has the ability to focus in the dark thanks to the onboard focusing aid located next to the optical viewfinder. When needed the S20 emits a visible red pattern onto whatever is in the center of the frame to insure a properly focused picture.

I'm happy to report that it works well, one of my sample pictures is of a plant in my garden that was taken at about ten o'clock at night in total darkness. Most other digicams would have failed miserably under the same conditions.

Canon s20

The S20 has a dual-function digital I/O port that supports both the high-speed USB and the older RS-232 serial standards. It also has a Video Out port for connection to a TV set, VCR or other video device for playback operations.

Next to the Video Out port is the lithium memory battery that retains the time and date and setup information even when the main battery is removed.

Canon s20

The S20 is powered by a one-use 2CR5 lithium battery or ...

Canon s20

you can use the optional DK110 Power Kit which consists of a 6v 650mAh NiMH rechargable battery and a rapid charger with a plugin AC-powered battery eliminator.   This is not included with cameras sold in the U.S.

It sells for about $100 and is well worth it unless you enjoy buying (and throwing away) $8 lithium batteries. There is no other way to power the camera as this is no external power jack.

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