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Fujifilm S1 Pro

Record and Setup Options

Fujifilm S1 Pro

The S1 Pro's recording and playback functions are controlled via the small data display and the large color LCD on the back. The Setup menus (see below) are navigated with the 4-way jog switch on the right and selections are made by pressing the EXE button. The menu is enabled by pressing the MENU button, the CANCEL button is used to cancel certain menu operations.

To save battery power when in the field all of the recording features can be changed via the low-power data display.

Fujifilm S1 Pro

Animated view of the three main screens while in record mode. You change the screens by pressing the FUNC button and change individual options by pressing the button below the option you are changing.

The first screen is a status display that tells you the current ISO sensitivity, battery condition, which memory card is active (CF or SM), the current time and date as set iand the number of pictures remaining at the current size and quality setting.

Screen two lets you change the white balance (WB), options are Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Flourescent 1, 2 or 3, Incandescent or manually set the white point. The ISO sensitivity options are: 320, 400, 800 or 1600. The image quality options for JPEG images are Basic, Normal or Fine. The image size options are: 1440 x 960, 2304 x 1536 or 3040 x 2016.

Screen three lets you change the Color modes between Standard, High (higher density), Org (lower density than standard for post processing) and Black and White. The Tone option alters the contrast between Standard, Hard or Org. The Sharpness options are Standard, Hard or Off. The final option enables or disables multi-exposure mode.

Fujifilm S1 Pro

Animated view of the SETUP menu screens and options.

  • PREVIEW - Off, Manual Rec (preview is shown and user is given opportunity to delete it), Auto Rec (preview is displayed for one second and then the image is saved.)
  • CUSTOM WB - Manually set the white point using a reference target
  • Hi MODE - Specify the format of the TIFF image data, RGB or YC
  • SELF TIMER - Set the delay for 2 or 10 seconds.
  • AUTO POWER OFF - Specify the time value; 2 min, 5 min or Off
  • FRAME No. - Off (images always start with file number 0001), On (images are numbered with sequential numbers)
  • PC MODE - Sets the USB port for DOWNLOADING or SHOOTING. Must be selected before camera is connected to computer.
  • BEEP - Beep sound High, Low, Off
  • LANGUAGE - Menu language, English or Japanese
  • RESET - Resets all settings specified on color LCD and rear data display.

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