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Casio QV-2300UX

As with past Casio cameras (QV-2000, QV-8000), the QV-2300's menu system is very graphical. This is the first of two pages displayed when the Menu button is pressed while in Record mode.

The first four icons represent pre-programmed scene modes, the fifth icon "SCENE" leads you off to 31 screens of scene modes (see below). The Function icon leads you off to 3 sub-menus which are also shown below.

Casio QV-2300UX

Page 2 of the Record Menu lets you change to Movie mode in either normal or Past mode. You can also enable the Panorama or Interval recording modes.

animation of all Scene mode screens

The Casio QV-2300UX has 28 different pre-recorded scene modes and the ability to save up to three of your own combinations of shutter speed, aperture, focus and other settings.

The scene modes are: Landscape w/people, Landscape w/people, Face, Face & Chest, Full Front, Two Subjects, Flower Close Up, Flower field, Forest, Autumn Leaves, Blue Sky, Sunset, Bright Beach, Night Scene, Night Scene w/people, Night Scene w/people, Fireworks, Dancing Lights, Flowing Water - soft, Flowing Water - stopped, Stopped Action, Structures, Food, Text, Special FX1, Special FX2, Special FX3, Special FX4, User 1, User 2 and User 3.

Casio QV-2300UX

The Function (1 of 3) Menu options:

  • Size/Quality:
    • 1600 x 1200 (economy, normal, fine)
    • 800 x 600 (economy, normal, fine)
  • Sensitivity: ISO equivalent speeds of 80, 160 or 320
  • Filter: Off, B&W, Sepia, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Exposure Mode: Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual
  • Metering: Multi, Center, Spot
  • Whte Balance: Auto, Daylight, Shade, Tungsten, Flourescent, Manual

Casio QV-2300UX

Function (2 of 3) Menu options:

  • Enhancement: Off, Red, Green, Blue, Flesh Tones
  • Grid: On, Off
  • Flash Intensity: Strong, Normal, Weak
  • Sharpness: Hard, Normal, Soft
  • Saturation: High, Normal, Low
  • Contrast: High, Normal, Low

Casio QV-2300UX

Function (3 of 3) Menu options:

  • Time Stamp: Off, YYYY/MM/DD, DD/Time, YYYY/MM/DD & Time
  • Digital Zoom: Off, Auto, x2, x4
  • Sleep: Off, 30s, 1m, 2m
  • Auto Power Off: 2m, 5m
  • Mode Memory: (see below)
  • Setup: (see below)

Casio QV-2300UX

This frame and the next show the options that can be saved after power off.

Casio QV-2300UX

Casio QV-2300UX

Setup (Page 1) Menu options:

  • Indicators: On, Off
  • Card Browser: Off, Type 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Beep: On, Off
  • Date Style: YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY
  • Date/Time: set it
  • Language: English, Japanese

Casio QV-2300UX

Setup (Page 2) Menu options:

  • Format: Yes, No
  • Video Out: NTSC, PAL
  • Link: Off, Mode 1, 2 or 3
  • Restore: Reset all to default

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