Sony UP-DP10

The Sony UP-DP10 is an excellent photo printer. When used with a USB-enabled PC it produces prints from any Windows application in a little over 2 minutes. Using the parallel port slows the print time down to about 3 mins 45 secs. Setup on my Windows 98 PC was flawless, when prompted I inserted the CD with the drivers, it installed them and a few minutes later I was making my first print. The Sony Print Packs consist of 50 sheets of paper in two seperate packs and two ribbon cassettes. The smaller pack sizes keep the paper fresher for those that don't make that many prints at a time. Unlike the Epson 4x6" photo paper, the excess paper ends of the Sony paper is easily and quickly removed with a little snap-snap action. The ability to make prints with glossy, matte or textured finish without having to buy three different kinds of paper is really cool. The print quality is awesome, it fooled my local color lab employee, he admitted that he couldn't tell it from a conventionally processed photo print. In fact, he said it looked better than their average jumbo prints. I printed a variety of digicam images and never once had to "diddle" the color settings of the driver. All of my prints looked just the way they should, the color balance, brightness and sharpness was right on the money. If you want to make your own "jumbo photo prints" at home -- this is the way to go. It's fun, quick and easy and the finished photos look spectacular. 09/26/00 updated drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000 are now available on the Sony web site