Sony DPP-SV88 w/CD-RW

Digital camera owners want the ability to print high quality photos with the same durability and longevity of regular photographic prints. They also want a simple and easy way to archive and share their pictures too. If this sounds like you then the versatile and multi-purpose Sony DPP-SV88 may be what you need to bring it all together. First and foremost the DPP-SV88 is a high resolution dye sublimation photo printer that delivers a customized, lab-quality, 4" x 6" borderless print in less than two minutes. Prints can be made directly from Memory Stick or other flash memory cards or CD discs. Using the DPP-SV88's video input you can also make still frame prints from camcorders or other video devices. It also can be connected directly to USB-enabled Mac or Windows PCs to create photo-quality prints from your photo editing programs. The built-in CD-R/W drive allows you to transfer your pictures to standard CD-R or CD-RW discs for archiving or sharing with others. Photos are easily displayed by connecting the DPP-SV88 to any television monitor with a video-in port. Since all controls are located on the front of the device, the compact unit is easily incorporated into most home entertainment systems. The inclusion of a convenient, wireless remote control makes it possible to modify and enjoy pictures from anywhere in the room. In addition to being an image storage and viewing unit, it offers editing functions such as resize, crop, color balance and special effects, more on this on page two. When connected to a host PC, the DPP-SV88 can be used as a fast card reader for Memory Stick or other types of flash memory devices that has a PCMCIA adapter. This includes CompactFlash Type I or II, SmartMedia, Secure Digital or MultiMedia cards. The contents of these cards can be easily transfered to inexpensive CD-R/W discs or printed out.

The built-in CD-R/RW drive allows you to transfer images from flash media to CD-R or CD-RW discs with the touch of a single button. A powerful file management system allows images to be arranged in folders for easy access and recall of the numerous images.

The new DPP-SV88 model allows viewing, editing and printing images from various forms of media, including Memory Stick media, as well as CD-R or CD-RW discs shot with Sony's CD Mavica cameras. The included video-in port also allows the capture of still frames directly from an analog or digital videotape source by simply connecting a compatible camcorder to the unit.

are built for speed and convenience. They produce high-resolution bordered or borderless 4" x 6" photo prints using dye sublimation technology which yields up to 16.7 million colors. Each photo is printed in 90 seconds using a 3-pass (yellow, magenta, cyan) process and is then laminated with Super Coat 2 to protect it from fading, humidity and liquid splatters that would ruin other pictures.

The DPP-SV88 can print photos without a computer thanks to the card slot for Memory Stick media or the PCMCIA Type II card slot that accomodates SmartMedia, CompactFlash or SD/MMC cards (with appropriate adapters.) All Sony photo printers take advantage of the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) function, which automatically prints photos that have been marked for print in-camera by supporting cameras. Another option is the printer's "Auto Print All" function that prints all images on the selected media. When connected to a computer you can use these card slots to transfer files from flash memory cards to your hard drive, eliminating the need for a seperate card reader.

This is the main control panel that opens down from the front of the printer when needed. To use these controls the printer must be connected to a TV so you can access the onscreen menu system. We'll go into more detail on the menu system on the next page.

The DPP-SV88 can be easily connected to a TV or video device via the RCA composite video out or the S-Video port. The USB port allows for connection to Windows PCs or Mac computers.

The slideshow display of your pictures can be controlled from your favorite easy chair thanks to the included remote control. Not only does it control the display features, it also controls the print features too. See a picture that you want to share with others, just hit the Print button and make an instant hard copy.

The "perfect" digital companion for your Sony Cyber-shot or any digital camera.