Sony DPP-SV88 w/CD-RW

When you first insert a Memory Stick or other flash card, it brings up a thumbnail view of the images. You can press the up, down, left or right buttons to navigate through the thumbnail images. When you find one that you want to print or further process you simply select it.

Pressing the MENU button brings up this screen. The Setup options are shown here. The DELETE/FORMAT is forerasing images or formatting a flash card. SLIDE SHOW begins automatic playback of your images on a TV. INDEX PRINT will generate a print with small thumbnails of all the images on the selected media.

Pressing the EFFECT button brings up this screen which leads you out to other sub-menus such as the EDIT menu with options for Move, Rotate and Mirror. The ADJUST menu: Brightness, Color saturation, Tint and Sharpness. The FILTER menu: Sepia, Monochrome and Paint.

The CREATIVE PRINT button brings up this menu screen. From here you can design a card or calendar print, print on the mini-sticker sheets or multiple photos per page or generate an index print.

You can create calendars using one or more of your pictures. You can select the month and year data to be printed with your images.

Click on photo above to see a 300dpi scan of a 4x6" calendar print
(Excuse the specs, this is dirt on my scanner, not print defects)