Sony DPP-SV77

When you first insert a Memory Stick or other flash card, it brings up a thumbnail view of the images. You can press the up, down, left or right buttons to navigate through the thumbnail images. When you find one that you want to print or further process you simply press it.

Pressing the "Effects" button brings up this menu which leads you out to the following four option screens.

The "Adjustment" screen lets you alter image brightness, color depth, tint and sharpness.

The "Edit" screen lets you move, rotate or mirror images.

The "Filters" screen lets you apply a paint type of effect to your image or change it to sepia or monochrome.

The "Tools" screen lets you draw or add text to the image using the pen stylus.

Pressing the "Menu" button brings up this screen. The Setup options are shown in the next frame. Screen setup lets you adjust the brightness of the color LCD. Slideshow begins automatic playback of your images, they can be viewed on the LCD or better if the printer is connected to a TV or VCR via the Video Out port.

The "Setup" screen lets you enable or disable date printing, fine printing, the button beeper and select border or borderless mode and the desired finish for the photos.

The "Creative Print" button brings up this menu screen. From here you can design a card or calendar print, print on the mini-sticker sheets or multiple photos per page or generate an index print.