Sony DPP-MP1

If "size matters" -- then how's this for a color photo printer ?

Sony's new DPP-MP1 digital photo printer is the world's smallest dye sublimation printer. Weighing just under one pound (excluding battery and paper tray), the miniature printer can be used with either the supplied AC adapter or an optional battery pack. The DPP-MP1 produces beautiful, borderless, full-color photos anywhere in less than two minutes. The printer and optional battery pack will be available in November for about $280 and $70, respectively. The new DPP-MP1 printer can be driven by a personal computer via USB or directly from Memory Stick media. It uses durable business card-size paper (4.12 x 1.97 in.), made popular by a variety of current devices. Paper is available in packs of 24 and is sold with a print cartridge for about $20.

The printer is supplied with paper tray, AC adapter, USB cable and test printing pack.

The optional battery pack attaches to the end of the printer and allows it to be used anywhere. Included are four 1700 mAH NiMH rechargeable AA batteries and a rapid charger.

Just like other dye sub printers, the DPP-MP1 uses a ribbon cartridge containing the three primary colors (cyan, yellow and magenta). The ink from the ribbon is transfered to the paper by a thermal process in four passes, one for each color plus a protective overcoat.

The simplest way to use the DPP-MP1 is with a Memory Stick module from your digital camera. Before removing the MS from the camera you select the pictures to be printed using the DPOF (Digital Print Order Form) feature in playback mode. The DPP-MP1 can also be connected directly to a computer via the USB port and controlled by a graphics program using the supplied printer drivers.

If using a Memory Stick, all you need do is press the DPOF button to print the pictures that you have pre-selected in the camera. Or you can select pictures and the number of prints desired manually.

digital camera, the miniature DPP-MP1 printer is sure to turn heads wherever you use it.