SiPix PocketColor 200

SiPix SP-1300 digital camera may be just the thing for your kids if you're tired of buying all those Polaroid I-Zone film packs and these prints are much bigger. With a digital camera and a pocket printer they can still have the instant prints but they'll also have the digital images on the CF card which can be downloaded and saved, emailed or printed later on a larger photo printer. The Prints from the PC200 have very acceptable color balance when printed directly from the connected SP-1300 Shoot and Share camera. A very viable application for the SP-1300 camera and the PC-200 Printer is the replacement of the Polaroid Mini-Portrait passport camera. With a little testing to get the head size to the correct dimensions, you can set the print request to two prints on the camera and... presto ... instant passport photos. Consumable costs at $1.00 for two prints, it costs no more than a sheet of Polaroid 669 passport film. The PC-200 printer is simple to install and easy to use. Insert the color cartridge, install a set of batteries or plug in the provided AC power adapter, connect the USB cable into the SiPix SP-1300 (or computer), load a sheet of paper and away you go. The actual printing process takes just over a minute and half to produce the finished color print, dry and water-resistant. It couldn't be easier.