SiPix PocketColor 100

The SiPix PocketColor 100 printer and SP-1300 digital camera may be just the thing for your kids if you're tired of buying all those Polaroid I-Zone film packs. Everytime I visit my friend's house his eleven year old daughter is asking him to buy her more film for her I-Zone and he's trying to get her to use his old digicam. I've seen the poor quality photos that come out of her I-Zone and the pictures are gone once they're printed. With a digital camera and a pocket printer they can still have the instant prints but they'll also have the digital images which can be saved, emailed or printed later on daddy's larger photo printer. Speaking as a forty-nine year old, the PC-100 prints are too darn small for me, I need a magnifying glass to see them. But teenage (and younger) kids just love those little pictures, especially the "sticky" ones. My friend's daughter has them stuck all over her school books and the side of their refrigerator is covered with them. The PC-100 printer is simple to install and use. Pop the CD-ROM in your Windows computer and install the driver software. It stops and prompts you to plug in the printer with the USB cable and then waits for you to turn it on. It "sees" the printer and goes through the usual Windows new hardware process and a minute or so later it is ready to use. The package includes ArcSoft's PhotoImpression software and SiPix's Grab, Print and Share software that lets you instantly print anything on a web page. The actual printing process takes just over a minute and then out pops the finished color print, dry and water-resistant. It couldn't be easier.