Olympus P-440

The Paper Page (Windows print driver) has options for Paper Size (A4, A5 WIDE, A4 Postcard, A6 WIDE), Overcoat print (Yes, No), Copies (1-50), Orientation (Portrait, Landscape), Enlarge / Reduce (25-400%), Sharpness (-5 to +5), Color Adjustment (Non Color Adjustment, Driver, ICM, Scene, Non Color Correction).

The Color Adjustment Page allows you to override the automatic color settings in the individual RGB color channels for Gamma, Brightness and Contrast. Your custom settings can be saved and loaded again later when needed.

Olympus supplies their excellent Camedia Master 4 software with the P-440 printer and as you can see from its main menu, this is a very versatile and useful suite of integrated software applications. It can auto-transfer images from digital cameras, browse images from any media source, allows you to organize collections of images into albums, print your images as photos, indexes, calendars, postcards or albums, and create panorama pictures or wallpaper for your desktop.

The browser screen lets you quickly and visually search through large numbers of digital images and motion video clips. From here you can view images or movies, select images for editing or printing or organize groups of images into albums.

You can display the full EXIF information contained in the images captured with any of today's digital cameras. Shown here is the image information from a picture taken with the Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom.

The printing tools lets you create single-page 8x10" prints or easily make multiple prints on a single page. Optionally the date or date & time can be printed as well.

The editing tools allow you to rotate, flip, resize, crop, insert text, distort, adjust the brightness, contrast, gamma, color balance, hue/saturation, sharpness or blur, remove red-eye, auto correct, or filter with sepia or monochrome.