Olympus P-330

The Olympus P-330 is an excellent photo printer. When used with a PC it can produce prints from any Windows application in 2 minutes or less depending on the speed of the PC. When used standalone, the processing time depends on the size of the input images. The higher the resolution, the longer the processing time. Panasonic PV-PD2100 but it does offer the ability to be a parallel port card reader on Windows PC machines. Parallel port data transfers are much faster than using the serial port and it saves your camera batteries too. Olympus has a newer version (P-330N) of this printer out now that can read in the larger 64MB SmartMedia cards and is also compatible with Windows NT. The average cost per print is about $.50 to $.65 depending on where you get the ribbon and paper kits ($25-30). The kits consist of 50 sheets of paper in two seperate packs and a ribbon cassette. The smaller pack sizes keep the paper fresher for those that don't make that many prints at a time. If you want to do your own photo printing at home -- this is the way to go.