Kodak Professional 1400

The Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Printer is an affordable 8 x 10-inch, color printer that's perfect for advanced amateurs, professional users and small labs. Priced at $499, the Kodak 1400 is the least expensive of Kodak's professional grade printers and within the budget of us "normal" folks. The Kodak 1400 produces consistent results using dry imaging technology so there's no worries of clogged heads or spilled ink. Whether in a studio or on location for proofing or at home for final printing and displaying, the robust desktop printer produces one 8x12, one 8x10, two 6x8, two5x7 or four 4x6-inch photos per sheet, and the water-resistant photos last a lifetime. The Kodak Professional paper and ribbon consumables are bundled in matched volumes to provide optimum color density for every print, eliminating worries associated with low ink levels. Consumables--including paper available in 50- and 25-sheet packs--are priced competitively to similar offerings on the market. Kodak Professional 1400 features include: 90 seconds per print

  • Gloss and matte finish output available for professional portrait applications

  • 50-sheet paper capacity in / out

  • Accepts A4, 8.5 x 14" and 8.5 x 12" paper sizes (full size A4 30 x 20 cm)

  • Maximum Image size - 8.27 x 12 inches

  • USB 2.0 interface

  • Windows and Macintosh printer drivers

    The Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Printer carries a suggested U.S. list price of $499 and is available now from authorized dealers of Kodak Professional Thermal Printer products.

    Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Printer

    "Best 8x10-inch Dye Sub printer $2499 or less"

    The dry film ribbon is installed in a carrier, which is inserted into the top of the printer. No threading is required. The paper is installed into a universal paper tray, which is inserted into the front of the machine. Setup is simple: Press the big button to open the top, insert the ink ribbon cartridge, close top, load paper in the tray, insert paper tray into front of printer, attach the rear dust cover, connect power cord, plug in the USB cable to the computer, load the software and away you go!

    Printers controls are few as the printer is controlled from the host computer via the software driver. There are indicator lights on top for Power, Media (paper in tray) and Error. The large button opens the top for changing ribbons or cleaning the print head assembly. The smaller button is for canceling a print job. Shown below is the rear-mounted Power button.

    The Kodak 1400 has a single, high-speed USB 2.0 interface connector on the back that is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. As with almost all printers sold today, it does not come with a USB cable. Driver software and Kodak EasyShare software is included for both operating systems.

    With the Kodak 1400, photographers get the same number of prints from a print kit, which bundles the ribbon cartridge and a 50- or 25-sheet EKTATHERM paper pack. Because the media and ribbon are color-matched, users can anticipate consistent print quality from their first print to the last. In addition, the coated paper stock is water-resistant from the moment it leaves the printer; no drying time is required. Earlier Kodak thermal printers limited the single sheet size to 8.5 x 12 inches. By switching to a larger, universal paper tray for the 1400, photographers can print from either 12 or 14-inch media, consistent with the A4 size used internationally. Users can print four 4 x 6-inch prints per sheet, a true A4 image, or two 6 x 8-inch prints - the size offered in some wedding album formats. The "street price" for these Print Kits is around $50 for the glossy or matte 25-sheet print packs, $90 for 50-sheet and $316 for a case (4 kits). So the cost per print excluding the price of the printer is as low as $1.58 per sheet.

    Driver software is supplied for Windows ME, 2000, and XP and Macintosh OS 10.X including Tiger. Shown here are the Windows XP screens:

    If you've used an inkjet photo printer then I'm sure that you've been overwhelmed by the driver software choices. The Kodak 1400 like most dye-sub printers has a relatively simple set of driver options. If you use the same ribbon type then you probably won't even need to go into the driver. The first page of driver options lets you specify the paper size, ribbon type and whether or not to apply the Xtralife coating. Beats me why anyone would choose not to apply the Xtralife coating, this is the UV resistant coating that makes the print last like a real photograph. If you select the matte ribbon you can also vary the "effect" with the slider control. Other options are for paper orientation, rotation and mirroring, number of copies and scaling percentage. The image sharpness is settable for High, Normal or Off.

    The second page of driver settings let you "fine tune" the color, gamma, contrast and brightness. For many users these can all be left at the default "0" settings. Kodak includes a Calibration Utility with the printer that allows you to visually calibrate the color output by printing a test sheet with numerous gray target squares to compare. I found no need to fiddle with it as the printer was totally color correct right out of the box.

    for Windows or Mac OS X including Tiger. EASYSHARE Software gives you full control of your digital pictures. It makes organizing, printing, sharing, and enhancing pictures simple and fun. It also allows you to organize multiple images for printing on a single sheet.