Kodak Printer Dock 6000

This is the $199 (or less) Kodak EasyShare 6000 Printer Dock. It performs all the same functions as the EasyShare 6000 Camera Dock (charges the camera's NiMH battery pack that comes with the printer dock, downloads images and movie clips to the computer via the USB port and connects to a TV for slide shows) plus it's a high quality 4x6-inch (10x15cm) borderless dye transfer printer. The EasyShare 6000 Printer Dock works with all Kodak EasyShare CX/DX and LS series cameras. It can be used with or without a computer. It's small, lightweight and very portable. This is a dye transfer printer, not an inkjet. The printing is accomplished by a four-pass process, one for each color (cyan, yellow and magenta) and the forth pass applies the XtraLife protective overcoat. A thermal printhead uses heat to transfer ink dyes from a mylar sheet and fuses them in the paper. This is a subtractive color process, the color dyes are transparent and can be placed on top of each other to create up to 16 million colors and produces a picture the equal of conventional photo prints.

The operation couldn't be easier, you just place the camera on the dock, it turns the camera on, you select a picture on the camera's color LCD and press the PRINT button. Two minutes later you have a photo lab-quality 4x6-inch print that is dry to the touch and has a protective XtraLife overcoat to resist fingerprints, water and is U/V fade resistant.

Using the controls you can print the current picture (default), print the pictures that have been pre-selected using the Share button, print all, or print an index sheet. The "-" and "+" buttons lets you scroll through the pictures stored in the camera and print whatever is shown on the LCD. The indicators across the top warn if the paper is out, show the level of charge in the camera battery and tell you when it is time to replace the ribbon cartridge.

The print packs contain the ribbon cartridge and two packs of printing paper with 20 sheets in each pack. The ribbon is good for all 40 prints, breaking the paper down into two packages helps keep it fresher.

The street price is $24.99 so the "per print" cost is approximately $0.62 each.

To make a "perfect" 4x6-inch borderless print you use the camera's Best (3:2) quality mode. The 3:2 aspect ratio yields an image that fits perfectly on the 4x6-inch paper with no cropping required, your entire image is printed. The white borders you see on this print are break-away tabs that you remove after the print is finished. When printing images captured with the other quality settings some cropping will occur.