Kodak Printer Dock 6000

printing modesprint current, pre-selected, all, or index
print sizesborderless 4" x 6" (102x152 mm), index
media size4" x 7" (102x181 mm), including two 0.6" (14.5 mm) perforated sections (one on each end)
print technologycontinuous tone thermal dye transfer
print speed90 sec. (120 sec. first print direct from camera)
battery chargingin-camera charging in less than 3 hours*
power options24V AC adapter
battery recharging compatibilityprinter dock 6000 charges Ni-MH battery pack (included) and Li-Ion battery (included with select Kodak EasyShare digital cameras)
image transferone-button picture transfer
compatibilityworks with Kodak EasyShare CX/DX 6000 and LS600 series cameras
TV viewingone-touch display on TV
file formatsJPEG/EXIF v2.2
weight1057 g (34 oz.)
dimensionsWxHxD (with tray): 198.3x157.8x411 mm (7.8x6.2x16 in.)
warrantyone year