Kodak Photo Printer 500

The Kodak Easyshare Photo Printer 500 was made for users of digital cameras other than Kodak models, this isn't a Printer Dock, it's strictly a photo printer. If you have an Easyshare camera then you'll want to get the Printer Dock Series 3, it also makes 4×6-inch prints -and- it charges your camera's battery when docked and makes transfers simple. The printer is very compact and lightweight and its big 3.5-inch color screen makes viewing and editing a pleasure. It's a perfect match for anyone that wants a home printer capable of making photo lab-quality "jumbo" size prints. Dye sub printers use a dry ribbon, no messy inks to fool with and you always know exactly how many prints are remaining. This printer takes those features and adds Kodak's PerfectTouch Technology to automatically improve the color and brightness and you have red-eye removal at the touch of a button. The unretouched digicam image

After pressing the Red Eye Reduction button I had no problems using the printer with my Sony VAIO laptop with its builtin Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the Kodak Easyshare Software or connected directly with the USB cable. The jury is still out as to whether the Wi-Fi capabilities are all that useful or not. It's only useable within a hundred feet or so and it's just as easy to remove the card or plug in a cable to make prints. Maybe in the future when all digicams have Wi-Fi builtin as a standard feature, right now it's really nothing more than a gimmick that will cost you another $100 to use. And this comes from a self-confessed "gadget freak" with a wireless router and laptop, a cellphone and a van with Onstar. Printing at home is handy but it comes at a cost, you have to buy the printer and then the consumables. With many places like WalMart and others making 4×6-inch prints for twenty cents or less you need to decide if the convenience is worth the price. Buying the Kodak PH-160 Print Pack for $46.99 gets the per print cost down to $0.29 with this printer. Many of the inkjet photo printers have much higher per print costs and inkjet prints are nowhere near as durable or fade-resistant. The Kodak Easyshare Photo Printer 500 is extremely easy to use, produces brilliant color photos that rival conventionally processed prints both in quality and longevity. If you have a PictBridge compatible digicam you might want to consider the soon to be available Kodak Easyshare Photo Printer 300, it will lack the color LCD (which isn't needed for PictBridge mode) and will be less expensive.