Kodak EasyShare 5500 AiO Printer

This is the sight that greets you when you lift the scanner bed on the EasyShare 5500 AiO printer. Kodak's 2 cartridge, 6-color ink system is the surprise of this device since the black ink costs only $9.99 and the color ink cartridge costs $14.99. The color cartridge contains four photo colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, photo black) and a clear protective ink. Save even more and buy the 2-cartridge ink kit for only $22.99. A major consumer magazine recommends using the name brand inks (for all printer brands) and if you follow that advice this Kodak printer can save you money over other printers. Using KODAK ULTRA Premium Photo Paper you can generate durable, lab-quality 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm) photos in as little as 28 seconds.

The 5500 printhead architecture treats the printhead as part of the printer, not part of the replaceable ink supply. The high performance printhead uses 3840 nozzles for 2400 nozzles per inch inherent resolution without interpolation. This printhead architecture uses two different nozzle sizes that produce 2.7 picoliter (pL) and 6.5 pL drop sizes.

Kodak supports their printers by creating multiple paper types and sizes. Although you don't have to match the printer to paper I feel I get better results that way. Also All KODAK Inkjet Photo Papers are porous. That means they dry instantly, so you can go from image file to print in seconds. Ultra Premium Photo Paper , 4 × 6 in., 8.5 × 11 in - Available in high gloss and semi gloss finishes Premium Photo Paper, 4 × 6 in., 8.5 × 11 in - Available in gloss and matte finishes Standard Photo Paper, 4 × 6 in., 8.5 × 11 in. - Available in gloss and matte finishes Premium Bright White Inkjet & Laser Paper, 24 lb. (90 gsm), 8.5 x 11 in. - Made from non-rainforest, agriculturally grown eucalyptus trees, ideal for documents I used several varieties of paper for print tests, all with wonderful results. I liked the Ultra Premium Photo Paper with the gloss surface for most images. I also like the Premium Photo Paper in the matte for portraits. The Standard Photo Paper worked well for arts and crafts uses.