HP PSC 2210 Multi-function

The HP PSC 2210 could be just what you are looking for if you have a need for an affordable ($299 average street price as of Jan 2003) all-in-one imaging device. Many digicam users are also "home office" folks so here's a does-it-all gizmo that lives up to the hype. It's a good all-purpose text and graphics printer. It's a good photo printer if you print mostly 4x6 inch and you don't need prints larger than 8x10 inches. It does print on 8.5x11 inch paper but not in borderless mode. It's a better than average image scanner with an optical resolution of 1200 dpi. It's an excellent color and monochrome copy and fax machine but limited to one page at a time. And it's also a multi-format flash memory card reader as well as a standalone photo printer. The only flash card it doesn't read directly is the new xD-Picture card, but that can be read with an optional CompactFlash/xD card adapter. As a photo printer it isn't the fastest we've seen but it's no slouch either. Unofficial timings as follows: Print proof sheet in 2:40 per page from a 256MB Lexar 10x CF card with Olympus C-5050 SHQ 5-megapixel JPG images. The following print times from the same CF card with the same 5-megapixel images. Print 4x6" bordered from card in 2:50. Print 8x10" from card in 5:45. Connected to a P4/2GHz PC running Windows XP it printed 4x6" borderless in 2:30 and an 8x10" bordered print in 5:40. As with all photo inkjet printers the output quality is highly dependant on the paper being used. Plain paper is great for text, web pages or faxes but it doesn't make very good photos. For that you need glossy or matte photo paper and HP makes a lot of different types, the HP Premium Plus Photo paper is the best. It has an excellent glossy surface and the feel of good, thick, photo paper. The 4x6" size photo paper has an easy to remove tab and if printed via the computer it can be borderless. When used in standalone mode the proof sheet feature is really unique. Other standalone printers without preview LCD monitors require a lot of button pushing to input all of the necessary information to make prints. With the PSC 2210 all you do is select the pictures you want to print, fill in the appropriate "bubbles" with a pen and then scan it. Seconds later it begins making the desired prints. Besides the versatile hardware package you also get an extensive suite of digital imaging software in the bundle. There are applications for scanning, printing, editing, viewing, uploading images from memory cards, optical character recognition and creating CD disc photo albums that can be played on CD and many DVD players. It comes with the HP 56 black cartridge and the HP 57 tri-color cartridge, if you're planning on printing photos you'll need the optional HP 58 Photo color cartridge. Also included is an AC power cord and a phone cord but no USB cable - why do all of these printer companies leave out the USB cable? Other than that it is a complete package, a good value and highly recommended.

This is a bordered 4x6" direct from a flash memory card. You can only print borderless from the computer with software. These prints were scanned with the HP PSC 2210 and have no color correction or enhancement other than being downsized for web page use. We got print after print with the same excellent colors and sharpness.