HP PSC 2210 Multi-function

If you want a look at the Macintosh driver software then surf over and check out DC Resource's HP PSC 2210 review, Jeff's a Mac user.

The driver choices are fairly simple compared to some of the Epson printers that we've used with their mind-boggling choices of output dpi values, microweave, highspeed on/off and color adjustments. The first page is quality settings, choose from Best, Normal, Everyday or FastDraft. The Paper Type choices are abundant:

  • Automatic (the printer will analyze the paper being used and sets itself accordingly)
  • Plain paper
  • Inkjet papers: hp bright white, hp premium, others
  • Photo papers: hp premium plus photo paper glossy, hp premium plus photo paper matte, hp colorfast photo paper glossy, hp premium photo paper glossy, hp photo paper glossy, hp premium high-gloss film, hp everyday photo paper semi-gloss, hp everyday photo paper matte finish, other photo papers
  • Transparency films: hp premium inkjet transparency film, hp premium plus inkjet transparency film, others
  • Special papers: hp banner paper, hp iron-on transfer, others
  • Greeting cards: hp matte greeting cards, hp photo greeting cards, hp textured greeting cards, others, hp linen greeting cards
  • Brochure papers: hp brochure & flyer gloss, hp brochure & flyer matte, hp tri-fold brochure paper glossy, others The High Resolution Control is mostly automatically selected depending on the paper type being used. 4800x1200 Optimized dpi can be used if the photo being printed is 600 dpi or higher but it does consumer a lot of memory.

    Clicking on the Digital Photography button will open this dialogue box where you can enable or disable the individual photo enhancements. By default they are all enabled and set to Auto. You can turn them on or off and also vary the amount of enhancement. Contrast Enhancement - Automatically brightens dark or hazy images as a result of poor lighting. Intelligently analyzes image characteristics and applies appropriate tone correction. - Uses proprietary software algorithms to automatically enhance image quality and clarity. Enhances detail in low-resolution images by synthesizing a higher resolution image. - Intelligently analyzes source image and applies appropriate enhancements to lighten the detail in dark, shadow areas. - Sharpens image detail to make images appear sharper and crisper for realistic photo-quality output. - Gives digital images a smoother, more uniform appearance. Helps eliminate attributes that cause uneven edges and make images look grainy.

    Page two has settings for the paper size with option for auto-scaling the image to fit the selected paper size. Page orientation, mirroring, 180° rotation for envelopes, number of copies, multiple page starting position.

    Borderless printing for 4x6" papers or 100x148mm or A6 (105x148.5mm) cards only.

    Page three options for two-sided printing, collage and poster printing.

    Advanced Features page with settings for ink volume, drying time and low memory mode.

    Page four has color settings and grayscale printing options.

    Toolbox options: Calibrate printheads, Clean printheads, Print test page, Print a diagnostic page.

    And finally a status page that shows which cartridges are installed and an approximate ink level display.