HP Photosmart 7960

The following screens show the various options of the 7960's print driver under Windows XP Pro. From what I saw in the manual, the same options are also available in the Mac OS driver but not tested by me.

Page 1 lets you quickly select a Print Task that you can define. Or just just select a paper size (Letter 8.5 x 11" is default.) If you click on Borderless Printing it will automatically assume HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, glossy and the driver will select "Best" quality. If you were printing on 8.5 x 11-inch paper you wouldn't even need to go any farther, just click OK and print. Or select 4 x 6-inch if printing jumbo size photo prints. Clicking on the "hp Digital Photography" button will bring up the next screen.

From here you can take enable various options that are used to enhance digital photos. Red-eye removal, dial in your own values for contrast enhancement, digital flash, sharpness and smoothing or disable SmartFocus.

Page 2 let you select document options like booklet layout, poster printing and rotation,

Page 3 has options for Resizing, scaling or adding watermarks.

Page 4 has options for Orientation (Portrait or Landscape) or to Mirror the image for printing on Inkjet Backlit type paper. For multi-page jobs you can select front to back or back to front, number of copies and enable the Print Preview window.

Page 5 lets you manually "fiddle" with the color settings or color space.

If you click on the toolbar icon and select "Open x: hp photosmart 7900 series" then these are three Toolbox screens and options displayed.

Here's the Print Preview screen. I always enable the print preview option, it is your last chance to visually confirm that you have scaled the image properly and have selected the right media size. It can save you from wasting a piece of expensive photo paper because you had 4 x 6-inch media selected instead of 8.5 x 11-inch or vice-versa.

the amount of ink left in the cartridges and the various print time settings being used.

The Photosmart 7960 is a stylish looking, dark gray and silver colored printer that will easily fit into your computer workspace. Setup is straight forward and can be accomplished by following the steps outlined on the included big page of directions. You power up the printer (without it being connected to the computer) and install the ink cartridges, install the supplied software and then plug in the USB cable. Windows then loads the drivers and recognizes the new hardware and within a minute or two you're up and printing.

As packaged the Photosmart 7960 comes with four cartridges, the HP #57 (C6657A) tri-color, the HP #58 (C6658A) photo print, the #56 (C6656A) black and the new #59 (C9359A) Gray Photo cartridge. If you use the printer to produce regular documents you need to replace the #59 photo cartridge with the #56 black cartridge. There is a special place in the upper left of the top of the printer to store whichever cartridge is not being used. HP supplies a "print cartridge protector" to keep fresh whichever cartridge is not being used. Just remember to replace the photo color cartridge before you print your next picture or else it won't be "photo quality."

One of the features of the Photosmart 7960 is a special photo paper tray for holding up to 20 sheets of 4 x 6-inch photo paper. You do not have to remove the regular 8.5 x 11-inch paper from the lower tray before printing a 4 x 6-inch photo. Simply push the photo tray slider lever forward until it stops, the printer will automatically feed the 4 x 6-inch photo paper into the printer instead of the letter size paper. If the photo tray runs out of paper the printer -will- feed paper from the regular tray without warning you, so you need to keep an eye on the amount of paper if printing more than one picture.