Hi-Ti PhotoShuttle

that we reviewed earlier this year has been a top seller and I am sure that the new PhotoShuttle printer is going to be just as popular. These printers are great for making "jumbo" color prints right on your desk that rival what you get from your local film lab. The 4x6" size prints satisfy the needs of most digicam users because they rarely make prints larger than 4x6" anyway. Other dye sub printers cost from $349 to $500 and have a consumable cost of about 75¢ to 85¢ per print. The HiTi PhotoShuttle is 35-50% faster than the competition, costs about $240 and brings the per print cost down to a low 40¢ each. We've reviewed numerous other 4x6" dye sub printers and the PhotoShuttle's print quality rivals the best of them. If you've used inkjet photo printers then I'm sure you've been frustrated by results that don't often match your computer screen. Dye sub printers have a fixed output resolution that's equal to a 4800dpi inkjet and the continuous-tone process eliminates the "dots" and gives you 16-million colors. Print after print comes out with the right color balance and looks just like a regular photo lab print. These prints are waterproof, smearproof and overcoated to protect them against UV fading. "At home" printing doesn't get any easier than this. At least for Windows PC users anyway, there are no Macintosh drivers available for the HiTi printers. That's about the only negative thing I can say about it, fortunately for me I am a Windows user. The PhotoShuttle will make a great holiday gift for your spouse or anyone that wants an easier and more reliable way to print their digital camera images. It's stylish looking and doesn't require much desktop space either.