Hi-Ti 640PS

October 2003 update: Hi-Ti has now made available Mac OS 10.2 drivers for download from their website We received a lot of email after posting our Hiti 630PS review last year. And I'm happy to report that it was 100% positive, not a single purchaser was unhappy with their new printer. Everybody was thrilled with the performance as well as the price of that printer, especially the low, per print cost. HiTi has made the new 640PS even faster, cutting the print time down from 100 seconds to just 75 seconds. And they raised the printing resolution from 300x300 dpi to 403x403 dpi to make your photos even more dazzling and lifelike. The first thing that users discover when going from a photo inkjet to a dye sub printer is that there's no more "fooling around" with color adjustments or profiles required. How many of you have had to make four or five inkjet prints to finally get one that looks like the picture on your comupter screen?  This is an all too common problem that is further complicated by all those settings found in the driver of most every photo inkjet printer. Dye sub printers don't have and don't need all of those options because of the difference in printing technologies. Check the frames at the top of this page -- that's all there is to mess with and most of the time you don't need to change a thing, just hit the "Print" button from the preview screen. Print after print comes out with the right color balance and looks and feels just like a regular photo lab print. These prints are waterproof, smearproof and overcoated to protect them against UV fading too. The HiTi 640PS takes up very little room on the desktop, it's easy to setup and operate. Its small size also means you can take it with you and print your pictures anywhere - without need of a computer. This is sure to make you the center of attraction at the next party or family get-together. Sixty minute film processing is one thing, 75-second instant digicam printing is another, and you don't even need to leave home! And look for our next HiTi printer review very soon. Next up is the HiTi Transphotable, the ultimate photo printer for those who need to print in the field. This printer is ruggedized, dust-protected and comes with a car power adapter -- a perfect "event" printer if there ever was one.