Hi-Ti 640PS

Page one of the print driver has options for selecting the media type, setting the orientation, printing 2-inch ID photos, number of copies, enabling the Preview function and optionally adding a visible watermark (Magic coating) over the picture.

Page two lets you calibrate the printer, set a specific skin tone (Yellow, White or Black), enable Windows color management or disable color preferences altogether.

Page three displays the printer's firmware version, serial number and release date. It also has a hyperlink for visiting HiTi's web site for newer firmware or printer drivers.

This is the Preview screen, if you check the "Run Preview" box on the first page of the driver then this screen comes up before each picture is printed. From here you see "visually" exactly how your picture is going to look when printed. You can alter the brightness, contrast or sharpness as well as change the scaling and then re-center the picture. Most digital cameras create images that use a 4:3 aspect ratio so when printing them at 4x6" you will always be cropping some of the picture to fill the entire print area. Now you know why some cameras have a special (3:2) resolution setting, this yields perfect 4x6" prints with no cropping.

Clicking on the "Mirabella" button from the Prevew screen will bring up this quick selection window. You are shown 9 variations of your picture, each has a slightly different color or contrast - just pick the one that looks best and that's how your print will come out.  It doesn't get any easier than that.

  delivers professional quality results with an easy to use User Interface. It allows you to create personalized calendars, poster and greeting cards. With creative color toning buttons; options for adjusting saturation, contrast, sharpness, brightness, hues. PhotoDesiree gives you studio quality results right at home. Using PhotoDesiree is as simple as: (1) Select desired image file, (2) layout the image, adjust colors, drag to Print Queue and print. Full TWAIN support for cameras, scanners or whatever. DPOF direct printing support. Templates for the HiTi 4x6" photo, 4x2x4 sticker and 4x4 sticker media. You can easily view, organize, print and save your image collections as albums for quick recall and future printing.

This is the 4x2x4 sticker paper. Simply drag-and-drop the desired photos into each of the three template areas. All of these small photos peel off and have a self-adhesive backing to let you stick them wherever you want. Kids love them for school notebooks and such. They're also perfect for ID badges too.

  lets you adjust the image's color, brightness, contrast, sharpness and gamma.   You can scale the image up or down as desired and even color tone the entire image with the preset buttons. And as you can see from this frame, it's easy to add one of the pre-defined photo borders.

Here's the drop-down list of predefined image sizes that can be applied to print multiple pictures or specific size pictures, like 2-inch ID photos for passports and etc.

It's easy to add a calendar or text anywhere in the image desired. Shown here is the text entry window with all of its size, font and color options.