Hi-Ti 640GALA

Join the thousands of satisfied owners of HiTi printers. Stop fighting with an inkjet printer that never seems to get the colors right or hassling with prints that won't last more than thirty seconds if they get wet. It no longer costs a fortune for a dye sub printer and this one doesn't even take up as much desk space as a small inkjet. Photo quality prints come out in less than two minutes. They're dry to the touch and you never have to mess with ink cartridges, wipe up spills or try to get ink off of your fingers. For most new digicam users the biggest drawback to getting photo prints is having to use their computer. The camera takes great pictures, they look great on the camera's color LCD but for some reason they never seem to print that way. Inkjet printers have to be calibrated to the ink and paper being used and this is only half of the battle. Your monitor has to be properly calibrated or those pictures that you "adjusted" just got adjusted completely wrong. Eliminate the computer and you eliminate 95% of the color balancing problems. With the 640GALA you just take the memory card out of your camera and stick it directly in the printer, hit the print button and out comes a beautiful and properly colored photo print - one after another. Don't just take my word for it - ask any of hundreds if not thousands of satisfied HiTi printer users over on my public discussion forums. Click here for the Dye Sub Printer forum -- you'll find lots of topics relating to HiTi printers. Be sure to check out our other HiTi printer reviews: HiTi 640PS 4x6"
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