Hi-Ti 640DL (commercial mini-lab model)

October 2003 update: Hi-Ti has now made available Mac OS 10.2 drivers for download from their website The HiTi 640DL brings high resolution 403dpi, speedy and affordable printing to mini-lab operators. We were very impressed with the output quality of the home-oriented HiTi 630PS printer and are happy to report that the 640DL delivers even higher resolution to the table. Close examination shows no lack of detail in its prints and no visible dots thanks to the dye diffusion technology it uses. We compared 640DL prints with those made at a local lab with a $50K printer and were unable to tell any difference. D2T2 technology printers are in use in mini-labs and print station kiosks around the world. They deliver the same photo quality prints that you're used to getting from conventional chemically processed film prints. And thanks to the protective overcoat these prints are waterproof, UV and fingerprint resistant and will last for years and years. Many photo shops are looking to get into the digital photo printing business and this is an economical way to achieve that goal. The HiTi 640DL sells for $799.99 which is a fraction of the price of other commercial mini-lab printers. An extremely reasonable consumable cost brings the per print price down to just below $0.36. The D2T2 printing process requires only the dye transfer ribbon cartridge and the special photo paper. There's no messy or expensive chemicals to buy or mix, this is a completely dry process that uses only heat, pressure and a little electricity. The prints come out of the 640DL at the rate of one every 60 seconds and they are dry to the touch and ready to hand to your customers. Besides providing you with the printer, HiTi includes a complete suite of programs to get you up and going in no time. The main application Photo Desiree handles most of the workflow for normal printing tasks and can manage from one to eight 640DL printers. If your customer's pictures need adjustment, rotation, cropping or special enhancements before printing then you'll find that just a mouse click away in the PhotoEnhancer program. The time spent in special editing can be automaticall added to the total cost of the customer's job. It doesn't get much easier that that so don't put it off, buy that new printer for your mini-lab today, the HiTi 640DL is a winner.