Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX

Epson has always shipped fully-featured printer drivers with all of their printers and the Photo 785 is no exception. Shown above is the first page of the Windows printer driver. Here you select the media type you will use:

The printing mode can be Automatic where the printer will analyze the data being sent to it and pick the best mode and resolution based on how you have the Quality-Speed selection set.

Or you can select PhotoEnhance and then choose one of the options based on the content of your picture.

Clicking on the Custom button and then choosing Advanced brings you into the most powerful part of the printer driver. From here you can manually set every parameter from resolution to color management.

You can manually adjust the primary colors as well as saturation, brightness and contrast. The Mode drop down gives you the options of Automatic, Photo-realistic or Vivid.

The PhotoEnhance4 options let you get better results from your digital camera images and by setting one or more options you can also add photographic effects like Sepia or Monochrome.

You can even add effects like simulated Canvas or Parchment as well as Soft Focus for very distinctive looking portrait prints, the combinations are endless and sometimes mind-boggling.

Page two of the driver is all about paper size options, orientations and the all-important "no margins" check box to enable the borderless printing. The 785 has two possible Paper Sources, the sheet feeder or roll paper.

Page three controls the Layout of your print jobs. You can reduce or enlarge by fitting to a gven paper size or scaling by percent. Multi-page jobs can be setup for odd/even or you can do posters that are composites of two or more printed pages.

You can also make use the Watermark option, the defaults are Confidential, Draft, Urgent and Priority but you can add or delete your own as well. Watermarks are mostly used on printed text pages but professional photographers can make up their own "Proof Only" watermark to go over the top of photos too.

Page four of the driver is the Utility menu and contains options to monitor the ink levels, check the nozzles, clean the heads, align the heads and more.

How many times have you output an image to the printer only to have it print in the wrong orientation or size?  If you check the "Print Preview" box on the first page of the driver that will never be a problem again. The screen shown above will be displayed BEFORE the job is sent to the printer and you can visually see the results of the output in relation to the selected media. If it isn't right just hit the Cancel button, correct the mistakes and then try it again -- no more wasted paper, especially the expensive glossy photo paper.

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* Windows version only

Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX Inkjet Printer

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