Epson Stylus Photo 1270

Let me just say that as of 9/9/00 I have not personally experienced any of the dreaded "orange shift" or print fading with any of my 1270 prints. But there are too many other people that ARE experiencing these problems to think that it is an isolated problem. Please go back and read the 9/9/00 update at the top of the first page of this review for important information. Do I really need any conclusions?   Let the whole review serve as my conclusion text.  If you want the best inkjet printer for photo-quality images plus all your other daily printing needs -- the new Epsons are the way to go.   The only decision is which one to get ... do you need to print larger than 8x10-inches or do you want a printer that's also a card reader?   They all feature the same unbelievable print quality and speed. I will add that one of the most pleasant surprises of using the 1270 came when I printed out a monochrome image. Don't make the mistake of selecting black ink only when printing monochrome images, the little bit of color ink that is used makes all the difference in the world. They really look great on that Heavyweight Matte paper. The printer reviewed here was purchased, it was not a loaner as is usually the case with the products that I review. Excuse me now while I go and post my 4x6-inch dye sub printer on eBay, I won't be needing it any longer.