Canon S830D

The Effects page lets you turn your color photo into a simulated illustration, slide the lever to increase or decrease the effect. You can also create a monochrome effect like Sepia, Pink, Blue, Green or select a custom color. The Vivid Photo enhances all of the colors and contrast and may be too much for most good images. You can also enable or disable the Image Optimizer or Photo Optimizer PRO enhancements.

The Profiles page lets you load, create or save custom sets of printer parameters for the type of printing jobs that you do frequently.

The Maintenance page lets you clean the print heads with options for a regular cleaning cycle or a "deep" cleaning cycle for really clogged heads. There is also an option for aligning the heads or checking the print nozzles. You can also set the Auto Power Off time, Custom Settings and the Quiet Mode. From here you can also start the Status Monitor (see next frame.)

The latest printer driver for all of the Canon "S" series photo printers now has this Print Preview option. This is very handy as a final "visual cue" that you have chosen the right orientation and that you print will be borderless or bordered. What is missing is a ruler scale across the top and side that would let you know the selected paper size -- maybe the next driver update will include that.

The Status Monitor shows you visibly the level of ink in each of the ink tanks. It also tells you the status of the printer and the setting of the paper thickness lever. When one of the tanks is low the Status Monitor will pop-up to alert you. The low tank(s) will have a yellow exclamation mark over it to let you know that it needs to be replaced soon. The ink warning first comes on when there is still some ink remaining so you won't run out in the middle of a printout and waste a sheet of costly photo paper.

Here's the low Photo Magenta ink tank after I finished the current print job. The chamber on the left side is full of ink when the tank is new. As you can see it drained the left chamber completely and the foam-filled side that feeds the head is very close to empty. I printed 42 full-page 8 x 10-inch and six 4 x 6-inch photos before I received a low ink warning for the Photo Magenta ink tank. I replaced it and then printed one more 8 x 10 before receiving a low ink warning on the Photo Cyan tank. It consistently ran out the "photo" tanks first so I think that fully justifies the need for these additional ink colors.