Canon Pixma MP970

and the MP970 uses the same software. Please click on the MP610 link to view the Windows applications. For this review, we're showing the software under the Macintosh OS X version 10.4. The Canon software CD installed the printer driver, links to the driver's control panel and On-screen Manual and 3 applications on my computer: OmniPage SE OCR, PhotoStudio, MP Navigator EX . Clicking on the Dock icon labeled "MP790 series" opened the menu used to configure the MP970's settings (OS X driver) and Delete, Hold, Resume print jobs and access to the printer Utility and ink Supply levels. You can customize this menu and add items to the toolbar.

When you select the MP970 series On-screen manual you are presented with options to view the User's Guide and access Printing, Scanning and Bluetooth information.

MP Navigator EX is an easy way to control the MP970 from your PC. You can scan and import images, save images to your Mac, create a PDF file, attach files to an e-mail or run the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program to convert scanned text to a word processing file.

The surprise of the software suite is ArcSoft Photo Studio ver. 4. It's a free application that has much of the functionality of PhotoShop and ran very well on an iBook 900 G3. Photo Studio managed the scanner (over WiFi) and I was able to retouch an old photo with ease.

If you don't like to type (who does?) you might appreciate this bundled application, OmniPage SE. The software controlled the scanner over my network and provided basic OCR capabilities. Again, I felt this application was very useful and it also ran well on my iBook.