Canon CD-200 Photo Printer

The Canon CD-200 Photo Printer features true photographic output with continuous- tone, 306 dpi dye-sublimation printing in 24-bit color. It connects to Windows 3.1/95/98 PCs through the parallel port, a Macintosh PC through the serial port or a video device. The 288dpi output is printed on 4 x 6" (A6) glossy paper or sticker sheets. The CD-200 has a multitude of input options; ports to print from both PCs and Macintosh computers (but not the new iMac, which has a USB port). A CompactFlash disk slot reads images stored on CF cards and it can also capture images directly from video cameras, television, laser disk, VCR, or DVD players via composite and S-Video input jacks. With the CD-200's CF slot or video input, you don't need a PC to get film-quality photo prints. Record your image with your digital camera onto a CompactFlash memory card, and then simply place the CompactFlash card in the CD-200 and PRINT! Picture quality adjustment feature enables the user to optimize printing results. NTSC composite video and S-Video inputs, together with the CD-200's image memory function enables "on the fly" video frame captures. Connect the CD-200 to a TV or monitor and preview images at full-screen before printing. With a maximum resolution of 288 dpi, 256-step gradation, 4 x 6 inch print size, 3.2 x 4.6 inch image area, and 95 second print time. Record any captured video frame on to a CompactFlash memory card. Supports 9:16 aspect ratio. Allow the CD-200 to be used as a color printer by Windows and Macintosh personal computers. Supplied drivers for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Mac OS. Fourteen captions with frames provide a selection of common greetings, and eight illustrations that allow the user to create custom greeting cards are programmed into the CD-200. Split the picture area into four, nine, or sixteen mini-frames. The Canon CD-200 is an excellent photo printer. When used with a PC it can produce prints from any Windows application in 2 minutes or less depending on the speed of the PC. When used standalone, the processing time depends on the size of the input images. The higher the resolution, the longer the processing time. If you're also into video camcorders you can plug one right into the CD-200 and use it as a video frame grabber/printer. The printer was designed to be used with CF cards from the Canon Pro 70 and A50 cameras but I have used it successfully with CF cards full of JPEG pictures from other cameras. The CD-200 when first introduced was selling for around $500 but it can be had now from various online liquidators for $200 or less. I found some a while back from Egghead and picked them up for $99 each! The average cost per print is about $.50 to $.65 depending on where you get the ribbon and paper kits ($20-25). The kits consist of 50 sheets of paper in two seperate packs and a ribbon cassette. The smaller pack sizes keep the paper fresher for those that don't make that many prints at a time. If you want to do your own photo printing at home -- this is the way to go. Device Type: Full color printer Printing Method: Dye-sublimation thermal transfer Print Resolutions: CF Mode: 144 x 158 dpi
PC Mode: 144 x 288 dpi (Max)
Video Mode: 144 x 158 dpi Color Depth: 8-bit per color, 10-bit per color signal processing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Print Size: CF Mode: 3.3 x 4.4 in.
PC Mode: 3.3 x 4.5 in.
Video Mode: 3.2 x 4.4 in Print Resolution: CF Mode: 478 x 700 dots
PC Mode: 480 x 1280 dots
Video Mode: 464 x 672 dots Print Speed: 95 seconds Image Quality: Adjustments: brightness, contrast, color, hue (in 19 steps)
Sharpness (3 adjustment steps) Memory Capacity: 4 Mb Video Interface: S input, composite RCA pin Computer Interface: 36 pin parallel (Windows),
8-pin serial (Mac) CompactFlash Interface: PCMCIA-ATA compliant Operating Humidity: 35% ~ 80% Operating Temperature: 41°F ~ 95°F 9.8 x 3.5 x 10.6 in 4.8 lb One image per print Image repeated 4, 9, or 16 times per print 4, 9, or 16 different images per print Sequential picture, obtained by sampling a video image at given interval, prints 4, 9, or 16 sections of a single sheet Print with Caption: Fourteen captions and eight illustrations are pre-installed and can be combined with an image