Canon CD-200 Photo Printer conclusion

The CP-300 is a small (40% smaller and 13% lighter than the CP-100) and portable printer that can be easily taken along with you on your travels and right out into the field thanks to the included battery pack. It produces brilliant 4 x 6-inch prints in a minute and twenty seconds. The credit card size prints only take about forty seconds. Setup and use is very simple, there are only a few print-time options that need to be selected such as borders or borderless, print the date and standard or multiple prints per page. These prints are indistinguishable from conventionally processed film prints and just as durable. Unlike prints from inkjet printers, dye sublimation prints are waterproof thanks to the protective overcoat. The overcoat also prevents UV fading from exposure to daylight, another inkjet problem. If you own one of the compatible Powershot cameras (see list above) or one of the new PictBridge compatible cameras then the CP-300 can be your ultimate personal photo printer. Want all the same great printing features but don't need the battery portability - if so then check out the Canon CP-200 instead and save some $$.