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Sony January 8, 2002 Press Releases


Sony Delivers Portable Package For Playback, Recording and Editing With MiniDV Video Walkman VCR

Sony WalkMan GV-D1000

LAS VEGAS (CES, Booth #N109/N114), Jan. 7, 2002 - Sony is taking viewing, editing and recording video and still images out of the editing suite and "on location" with today's announcement of the GV-D1000 MiniDV Video Walkman VCR.

Similar to a standard VCR, the GV-D1000 unit is a fully functional playback and recording deck. Using the same MiniDV tapes found in MiniDV Handycam camcorders, users simply insert a cassette and view video on the 4-inch LCD monitor or connect to a television set for full-size viewing.

Transferring Video and Still Images to a PC

The MiniDV Video Walkman VCR also provides two new ways to connect to a PC. USB Streaming uses a simple universal serial bus (USB) connection allowing videos to be streamed over the Internet for on-line viewing with Microsoft� Windows� NetMeeting� software. In addition, the GV-D1000 model is the first of its kind to incorporate a Memory Stick media slot.

Users can capture still images at 640 x 480 resolution directly to Memory Stick media from the MiniDV tape for easy transfer to a PC, which can then be shared via email.

Video enthusiasts can also capture and share video within seconds with MPEG Movie Mode. Select up to 60 seconds of digital video from the MiniDV tape and easily convert it to MPEG1 with the touch of a button. These mini-movies can be stored directly on Memory Stick media and can be shared instantly by sending video clip attachments to email or posting to the Internet.

Advanced Feature Package

With a 4-inch LCD display, the GV-D1000 Video Walkman VCR offers viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 123K-pixel, high -resolution LCD offers sharp detailed images for monitoring or playback.

Available this month for about ,300, the GV-D1000 MiniDV Video Walkman VCR also includes:

  • Playback Zoom, Trim and Resize - 2X playback zoom allows for high-speed playback in forward and reverse, and playback zoom enables zooming into selected areas of video for a superb editing option. Users can also crop and resize still images to smaller or larger file sizes.
  • Optional InfoLithium Battery with AccuPower Meter - For true portability, the optional NP-FM91 M-series battery provides almost 6 hours of playback or record time. In addition, Sony's exclusive AccuPower meter continually displays the battery time remaining in minutes.
  • S-Video and Composite A/V Input/Output - The S-Video connection offers superior video signal transfer by reducing "dot-crawl" - commonly seen as distortion around the edge of the recorded video signal. Composite A/V provides the versatility to connect to virtually any other video device.
  • Drop Frame Time Code - Frame time coding assigns each video frame a sequential code number, providing frame-accurate editing for each of the nearly 30 frames contained in one second of DV video.
  • Index Titler - This feature allows for an updateable title to be stored on a DV cassette IC chip and can be accessed using the GV-D1000 data code.


Sony's Pocketsize MICROMV Handycam Camcorders Put Digital Video In The Palm Of Your Hand

Sony DCR-IP7

LAS VEGAS (CES, Booth #N109-N114), Jan. 7, 2002 - Do you have everything you need in your pockets - cell phone, handheld, camcorder? Camcorder! Sony's new MICROMV Handycam camcorders are perfectly sized to join the ranks of the pocketsize, go-anywhere conveniences that consumers now demand.

The DCR-IP5 and the DCR-IP7BT Handycam camcorders, introduced today, are the world's smallest and lightest full-function digital camcorders. The two diminutive models offer 500 lines of horizontal resolution, CD-quality sound and a DVD-like thumbnail picture accessing feature that allows users to select and retrieve information on the tape with the touch of a button.

The MICROMV cassettes are 70 percent smaller than MiniDV tapes and allow for the camcorders' tiny size. Weighing just 12 ounces, and measuring a mere 1 7/8 inches x 4 inches x 3 1/8 inches, both of the new miniature models easily fit in the palm of your hand, a purse, even a shirt pocket.

Sony DCR-IP7

Beyond its diminutive size, the MICROMV cassette provides up to 60 minutes of high-quality, digital video footage and adds a 64-kb memory chip, offering 16 times the amount of memory storage available on a premium MiniDV cassette. The memory chip allows for a multi-search function that lets users access different sections of the tape as they would a DVD by creating thumbnail images of all of the recorded scenes on the tape. The thumbnail images are created from the start of every recorded scene. Users can engage the multi-picture search function, scan the entire tape in four minutes - 15 times the average speed - and instantly access the scene of their choice.

To further enhance the user experience, thumbnail images can be titled with either pre-set captions or customized descriptions, so "New Years Eve" footage is easily distinguishable from that of "Our Super Bowl Party."

Lastly, each time a MICROMV cassette is inserted into the camcorder, cassette information is automatically displayed on the LCD showing the first date of use, last date of use, how much recording space is available on the tape, and titling capability so you can name your videotape. This feature eliminates the need to search through a box of unlabeled tapes to find specific video footage.

The new camcorders' operation is based on their use of a sophisticated MPEG2 recording system. First-class digital video is recorded in MPEG2 with a data transfer rate of 12Mbps. Since MPEG2 has a bit-rate that is less than half that of the MiniDV or Digital8 format, MICROMV videos take up less hard drive space and are easier to manage. MPEG2's compression system allows for the use of much more compact media. It also sets a new standard in picture and audio quality, and enables quick PC-based non-linear editing using simple drag-and-drop techniques. Editing movies is a breeze with these MICROMV camcorders and the supplied MPEG2-compatible MovieShaker software, version 3.1.

Sony DCR-IP5

Using Bluetooth wireless technology with the new DCR-IP7BT Network Handycam camcorder, the Internet can be accessed without a PC. This network feature can be used in three ways. First, the feature will allow you to upload still images and MPEG video from Memory Stick media directly to Sony's ImageStationsm on-line photo sharing service. At, you can create a Web album and e-mail invitations to family and friends for on-line viewing.

Second, send text e-mail messages of more than 500 characters with attached still images and MPEG video can be sent directly from the camcorder to a friend's inbox. The DCR-IP7BT model can also receive text messages of up to 1,024 characters.

And third, the DCR-IP7BT camcorder allows Web browsing and viewing on the camcorder's LCD display. Web pages can be downloaded to the supplied 8MB Memory Stick media for quick, easy access when off-line.

The new DCR-IP5 and the DCR-IP7BT camcorders will both be available in early February for about ,300 and ,700, respectively.

Sony Digital8 Handycam Camcorders for 2002

LAS VEGAS (CES, Booth #N109/N114), Jan. 8, 2002 - Sony Electronics is providing more reasons than ever to acquire a digital camcorder with today's introduction of its 2002 line of Digital8� Handycam� camcorders, focusing on picture quality, a full set of features and value. Read the entire press release here.

Sony's 2002 Line Of Hi8 Handycam Camcorders

LAS VEGAS (CES, Booth #N109/N114), Jan. 7, 2002 - Analog video recording has been updated for a new generation with today's introduction of Sony's 2002 line of redesigned Hi8� Handycam� camcorders. All three of the new models are teeming with features that allow users to do more than ever before with analog camcorders. Read the entire press release here.


Sony Strengthens FD Mavica Digital Camera Line With Two New Dual-Media Models

Sony Mavica FD200

LAS VEGAS (CES, Booth #N109-N114), Jan. 7, 2002 - To bolster its market-leading FD Mavica� camera line, Sony Electronics introduced two versatile new digital still cameras today, the MVC-FD100 and MVC-FD200 models. Both offer the flexibility of the dual-media concept by recording directly to both Memory Stick� flash media and a 3.5-inch standard floppy disk. Designed to leverage the benefits of both media, the new cameras are functional and practical for numerous consumer and business applications.

"It's like having a PC with image management capability built right into your camera," said Takashi Kondo, senior vice president of the Digital Imaging Products Division at Sony Electronics. "By choosing and selecting the media they record to, then transferring images between the two media, consumers can determine exactly which images to keep on the higher-capacity Memory Stick media and which ones to copy onto a universal floppy disk for sharing."

High Resolution in a Compact Chassis

With a slimmed-down frame, the MVC-FD200 model is Sony's smallest FD Mavica camera to date. Quality 4" x 6" prints can be made with the images captured by the camera's 2.0 effective megapixels (2.1 megapixel gross CCD), 3X optical zoom, 12-bit processor and intelligent flash with red eye reduction. The camera also offers MPEG movie video mode, ClipMotion animated GIF mode for special effects, video and USB outputs and Sony's AccuPower� meter and InfoLithium� battery system for maximum shooting time. This camera will be available in February for about .

Sony Mavica FD100

Getting a Grip on Digital Images

The 1.2 effective megapixel (1.3 megapixel gross CCD) MVC-FD100 camera also bears a new, streamlined shape with a reinforced rubber grip for better handling. Capturing still images is made easy with a 3X optical zoom, hi-speed auto focus, intelligent flash and the up-to-the-minute display of remaining battery time. Also available in February, this model will cost about . An Imaging Institution

By recording images to universally recognized media, Kondo said that the floppy-disk-based FD Mavica line has played an important role in Sony's digital still camera business growth, and in the development of the entire digital imaging industry. According to National Panel Data of Port Washington, NY, the continuing MVC-FD75 model has led the U.S. market in sales and units sold, throughout the past 21 months.

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