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Press Release - October 9, 2005

Sony Reports on Troubles with Some Sony CCD Imagers

(We will append this text as more camera maker and models are reported. Needless to say, many manufacturers use Sony CCD imagers in their digital cameras)

Sony Asia has posted a service alert regarding problems with products that incorporate Sony CCD image sensors. The affected cameras use CCD imagers manufactured between October 2002 through March 2004. To quote the Sony bulletin:

When the product is used in camera mode, the LCD panel and/or electronic viewfinder exhibits either a distorted image or no image.

We have determined that this condition only occurs to a limited number of units, but may be accelerated if the units are exposed to high temperature and humidity environment.

In our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, Sony will offer free out of warranty repair to the owners of applicable products exhibiting the above-mentioned condition caused by the image sensor device.

For further information on the applicable products and the repair service, please click on the following links to the respective product categories:

Canon Asia Service Advisory

A problem has been discovered in some of the CCDs used in Canon digital camera and digital video camera products that causes images to appear distorted or not to appear at all. We apologize for the considerable inconvenience this represents for our customers. Along with our respectful apology, we would like to advise our customers of the details of this issue and our policy for handling it, which are as follows.

Affected Models: The CCDs in question are used in the following models.

Digital Cameras: PowerShot A60, PowerShot A70, PowerShot A75, PowerShot A300, PowerShot A310, Digital IXUS V3, Digital IXUS II, Digital IXUS IIs

Digital Video Cameras: MV600i, MV630i, MV650i, MV700i, MV730i, MV750i, MV5i, MV5i MC, MV6i MC, ZR60, ZR65 MC, ZR70 MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, Elura 40 MC, Elura 50

Among the CCDs used in the affected products listed above, it has been confirmed that, especially under high-temperature/high-humidity environments, the internal wiring may come undone in some places.

If this defect occurs, the signal is not output from the CCD correctly when in shooting mode, which results in symptoms like the following in captured images. These symptoms can be confirmed on the LCD monitor. The same symptoms may also occur in recorded images.

  • Images do not appear
  • Images appear distorted
With apologies for the inconvenience involved, we ask that users who have confirmed these symptoms contact the nearest Canon Service Center. Free repairs will be made for affected products in cases where it has been confirmed that the internal CCD wiring has come undone in some places.

Fuji Service Advisory

Fuji announces that some of the FinePix A303, F410, F700 and S2 Pro digital camera models may develop a problem with the CCD imaging sensor. However, the problem affects a limited number of units and may not occur in all cameras. The symptoms are captured images that appear completely black, have a purplish cast or multi- colored distortions. These symptoms would be seen on the camera LCD monitor when the camera is in the shooting mode or during playback. A limited number of these models will have these problems. A list of serial numbers and model names may be affected is available.

For more info see the FinePix website and the S2 Pro website.

Konica Minolta Service Advisory

Konica Minolta has recently discovered a problem with some of its digital cameras manufactured between October, 2002 and March, 2004. The following products may be affected: DiMAGE 7i, DiMAGE 7Hi, DiMAGE A1, DiMAGE Xi, DiMAGE Xt, DiMAGE X20, DiMAGE S414,DiMAGE F300

A manufacturing error with the camera's CCD can affect the live and recorded image. The image appears blurred and colors are unnatural.

Konica Minolta will repair free of charge any of the models listed above that are affected by this malfunction. Customers with a malfunctioning camera should contact their regional Konica Minolta service facility.

Konica Minolta apologizes for any inconvenience and problems this may have caused. We are committed to correcting this problem as quickly as possible, but the repair time will be affected by the availability of parts.

Customers who have had one of the models listed above repaired out of warranty for this problem previously, please contact your regional Konica Minolta service facility.

Konica Minolta Services in Europe

Konica Minolta Service in the USA

Nikon Service Advisory

It has come to our attention that electronic components related to imaging in some COOLPIX cameras may, on rare occasions, fail. Should you experience this problem with your COOLPIX SQ, COOLPIX 3100 or COOLPIX 5700 camera, Nikon will replace the associated components free of charge even if the camera's warranty has already expired. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have suffered because of this problem. To check if your camera has failed due this reason, please read the symptom description, below.

How can I identify if my camera is faulty?

Images displayed on the monitor, in both shooting preview and post-recording playback exhibit one of the following:

  • Images exhibit a strong colour tint.
  • Images are totally black.
  • Images appear corrupted.
  • Images contain vertical lines or bands.
  • Images contain horizontal lines or bands.
Contact your regional Nikon Service:

The Nikon Europe Service website

The Nikon USA Service website

Olympus Service Advisory

Olympus Japan has issued a service notice on the C-5050 Zoom and C-730 Ultra Zoom, same problems as listed above with the other manufacturer's cameras. Contact your regional Olympus Service Center to have it repaired free of charge.

Ricoh Service Advisory

Ricoh has issued a service bulletin for: Caplio RR30, 300G, G3/G3 (M/G3, S/ProG3), G4/G4 wide, 400G and RX. Please contact Ricoh Digital Camera Support

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