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Press Release - April 4, 2002

DCR-TRV950 Handycam MiniDV Camcorder
DCR-PC101 Handycam MiniDV Camcorder

Sony Develops First Megapixel 3-CCD MiniDV Camcorder

Sony DCR-TRV950

SAN DIEGO, April 4, 2002 - In a move bound to make demanding video buffs take a second look, Sony today announced the DCR-TRV950 Mini DV Handycam® camcorder, the industry's first three-CCD (charge-coupled device) camcorder to include one million pixels per CCD imager for high quality video recordings.

Designed for the "prosumer," the DCR-TRV950 uses Sony's Advanced HAD three-CCD system to create professional-quality video with unbeatable color clarity, detail and performance. Compared to a single CCD imager found on most consumer camcorder models, a three-CCD system, like the one with the DCR-TRV950 captures much more precise results. Each of the megapixel CCD imagers are dedicated to a primary color and separate the light that passes through the lens into individual color components for noticeably sharper images and colors.

For more true-to-life results in darker settings, the three-CCD imagers of the DCR-TRV950 use Advanced HAD technology, which allows more light to reach the imager in order to reduce common video noise that would otherwise affect video quality.

"In the TRV950, we've made a camcorder for the person who knows their way around consumer video, but who craves a professional level of quality," said Steve Haber, senior vice president of the Digital Imaging Products Division at Sony Electronics. "While not a professional camcorder, it produces results that are of a quality to be used by consumers who want take their video footage to the next level."

Manual Controls Give A Creative Edge

Complimenting the quality of the DCR-TRV950 is a bevy of optional manual controls for greater creative control. Users can choose to override the camcorder's automatic features with options such options as a manual focus ring, 12X optical and 150X digital zoom, zebra pattern, color bars, spotlight compensation and spot focus. The camcorder also features Sony's Optical Super SteadyShot picture stabilization system, which uses motion sensors to compensate for camera shake.

Network Capabilities and USB Streaming

The DCR-TRV950 has the ability to stream live and recorded video via a USB connection and the use of video conferencing software such as the Microsoft® Windows® NetMeeting® application. It can also provide access to the Internet without a PC through wireless Bluetooth technology.

Using a compatible Internet Service Provider, the new camcorder can send and receive e-mail messages with MPEG1 movie and JPEG images attached. The camcorder can also be used for Web browsing by using the LCD display. Web pages can be downloaded to the supplied 8MB Memory Stick® media card for quick, easy access when off-line.

Memory Mode with Memory Stick Media

The DCR-TRV950 not only records video, but also offers the dual functionality of capturing stunning digital still images of up to 1152 X 864 resolution using its megapixel CCD imager. JPEG images are stored directly onto Memory Stick media cards for transfer to PCs and other devices. These can be used in e-mail, on Web sites, or for printing photos for framing or archiving. The camcorder also includes an intelligent pop-up flash with red-eye reduction, which provides the appropriate amount of flash for optimum brightness and color accuracy in virtually any lighting condition.

Additional Features For Quality Video and Still Pictures

  • 14-Bit DXP (Digital Extended Processor) - The advanced 14-bit digital processor dramatically increases the relative brightness levels for more life-like, realistic reproductions.

  • Hologram AF - Ideal for photographing a smooth beach on a moonless night, Hologram AF is a new Sony laser focusing system designed to achieve accurate focus on subjects with little contrast in dark conditions. It projects a visible Class 1 laser hologram pattern directly on the subject so the camera can detect the contrast between the edge of the laser pattern and the subject itself.

  • Touch Panel LCD, Spot Focus and Spot Meter Modes - A new on screen touch panel system with supplied stylus gives the user the ability to navigate through the camera's menu system at the touch of the LCD screen using a supplied stylus. The touch panel compliments a new spot focus mode that ensure complete accuracy in focusing the most challenging shots. While the camcorder is in spot focus mode, almost any subject can be brought into focus with a touch of the screen.

  • i.LINK Digital Video Interface = The i.LINK (IEEE 1394) DV interface allows for high speed bi-directional digital communication between two devices equipped with a compatible i.LINK DV interface, including digital camcorders, digital VCRs and PCs.

  • MPEG Movie EX Mode - This mode allows recording of uninterrupted MPEG1 movie clips to the full capacity of the Memory Stick card. For example, the 128MB Memory Stick media will record up to 85 minutes of non-stop MPEG1 video.

  • 3.5" Precision SwivelScreen LCD Display and Precision Color viewfinder - The 3.5" SwivelScreen LCD display provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 246K pixel LCD display makes images sharp and detailed during playback or when monitoring recording. The camcorder also has a Precision Color Viewfinder with 180K pixels for more detail and clarity of video subjects while recording.

The 2-pound, 2-ounce three-CCD camcorder will be available in June for about ,500.

All Decked Out: Sony's Smallest MiniDV Handycam Camcorder Has Latest Digital Features

Sony DCR-PC101

SAN DIEGO, April 4, 2002 - Travelers who want to pack light capturing the sights and sounds of their destinations will soon have a great traveling companion in Sony's newest Mini DV Handycam® camcorder, the DCR-PC101, which puts a high resolution camera into a top quality camcorder, and shrinks it to the size of a paperback book.

With a one-megapixel CCD (charge-coupled device), the bantam-sized camcorder delivers 520 lines of horizontal video with crisp definition of the subtlest colors for both video and digital still images (1152 X 864 file size). As the smallest of all Sony Mini DV camcorder models, the DCR-PC101 weighs just 17 ounces.

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

For convenient access to the camcorder's numerous modes and features, it offers a touch panel 2.5" SwivelScreen? LCD display with access to its entire menu. The touch panel compliments a new spot focus mode that accurately focuses the most challenging shots with a touch of the LCD screen.

Connect to the World with USB Streaming

Streaming live or recorded video is easily accomplished connecting the camcorder to a PC using its USB Streaming feature. This feature turns the camcorder into a webcam by using a USB connection and video conferencing software like the Microsoft Windows NetMeeting application.

Movie Magic on the Web - MPEG Movie EX

The DCR-PC101 also comes equipped with MPEG MovieEX, which allows it to capture video clips with audio onto Memory Stick media up to the length of the media's capacity. Video clips can either be captured directly onto Memory Stick media or shot on tape and converted in-camera to MPEG1 format at a later time. These clips can be transferred to a PC and sent as e-mail attachments or included on Web sites and office presentations.

Dual-Options for Video Recording in Dark and Low-Light Settings

The new camcorder has two recording modes to help improve video quality in low-light situations. Users can take advantage of Sony's Super Nightshot® mode for shooting monochrome video in total darkness or can select the new color mode for recording full-color video in dim light. Color mode helps capture true-to-life color video of sleeping babies, birthday candles and early evening events.

Additional Features

  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar Lens - The Carl Zeiss lens has an advanced optical multi-layer coating offering less glare and flare with increased contrast. This results in vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color saturation, and perfect renditions of subtle tones.

  • i.LINK Digital Video Interface - The i.LINK (IEEE 1394) DV interface allows for high speed bi-directional digital communication between two devices equipped with a compatible i.LINK DV interface, including digital camcorders, digital VCRs and PCs.

  • Super SteadyShot Picture Stabilization - Using motion sensors to compensate for camera shake, this Worry Free feature enhances video and eliminates high frequency vibration without compromising picture quality, meaning virtually no blurred images during shaky camera situations.

  • 10X Optical/120X Precision Digital Zoom - Sony's optical zoom not only brings the action closer but the precision digital zoom uses interpolation technology to make digital zooming cleaner, with less distortion than conventional digital zooms.

The DCR-PC101 model will be available in June for about ,300.

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