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Press Release - January 8, 2003

Sony Breaks The Mini DV Camcorder Mold

New Line Shrinks Sizes, Adds Two-Megapixel Imaging and Advances Networking Capabilities With USB and Ethernet Connectivity

Sony DCR-TRV19

LAS VEGAS, (CES, Booth #N109), Jan. 8, 2003 - Sony Electronics asks the question, "Can your camcorder do this?" with today's introduction of seven new Mini DV Handycam® camcorders that host a bevy of first-time features for Sony and the camcorder industry.

"Sony introduced the first Mini DV camcorder in 1995 and it revolutionized the way we shoot and share home videos," said Steve Haber, senior vice president of the Digital Imaging Products Division at Sony Electronics. "In 2003, Sony has redefined the Mini DV camcorder inside and out. With new, radical designs, gorgeous two-megapixel pictures and wireless Internet access, Sony's seven new Mini DV camcorders surpass expectations of what a camcorder should do."

Compact Size, Hefty Features

Despite their surprisingly small size, the DCR-TRV19, DCR-TRV22 and the DCR-TRV33 are packed with performance features such as a touch-panel 2.5-inch SwivelScreen™ LCD display for easy access to the entire camcorder menu and super SteadyShot® picture stabilization. Measuring in at approximately 28 percent smaller and 22 percent lighter than last year's models, these super-compact units are designed to fit comfortably into a small bag and an active lifestyle.

The petite DCR-TRV19 unit starts the Mini DV camcorder line with the aforementioned features as well as Sony's NightShot® O Lux infrared system for recording in total darkness. Adding features but not bulk, the DCR-TRV22 camcorder sports a Memory Stick® slot and 8MB Memory Stick media for still image and MPEG1 capture. One step up is the DCR-TRV33 model, incorporating a one-megapixel imager to yield video and digital still images with crisp definition.

If a larger screen size is preferred, the DCR-TRV38 model affords all of the features of the DCR-TRV33 camcorder and adds a 3.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD display.

Brighter and More Brilliant with Two-Megapixels

For the first time, users can capture eye-catching two-megapixel images and stunning video quality from a Sony Mini DV camcorder with the new DCR-TRV70 and DCR-TRV80 models. These two models raise the bar by delivering up to 530 lines of horizontal video resolution and 1600 x 1200 digital still images.

In addition, both of the new models offer enhanced but easy-to-use digital still image features, including intelligent pop-up flash, manual sharpness settings and Hologram AF -- an auto-focus feature designed to achieve accurate subject focus with minimal contrast in dark conditions.

The DCR-TRV70 model not only excels in video and still image capture, but this model with its unique, barrel-shaped lens and slim body design, stands out from the camcorder crowd.

All Sony 2003 Mini DV camcorders feature high-quality Carl Zeiss® optics but, with the DCR-TRV70 and DCR-TRV80 units, users benefit from the advanced multi-layer coating of a Carl Zeiss T* lens, resulting in more vivid, true-to-life color saturation.

Get Connected with USB or Ethernet

Users can check out their favorite Web pages or shoot a friend an e-mail without turning on a computer with Sony's latest Network Handycam camcorders, the DCR-TRV39, DCR-TRV70 and DCR-TRV80 models. All offer Internet connectivity without a PC through the use of an optional USB adapter with either Ethernet or analog connectivity.

With this Sony-only feature, users have the ability to send and receive e-mail messages with MPEG1 movie files and JPEG images attached, or to upload those images and video directly to Sony's online photo sharing service, The camcorders can also be used for Web browsing using the LCD display.

In addition to the USB options, the top-of-the-line DCR-TRV80 model pushes the camcorder limits by incorporating Bluetooth® wireless technology to access the Internet without a PC and to accomplish peer-to-peer data transfer. To connect to the Internet, consumers can purchase an optional Bluetooth adaptor or use their Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. This model can also beam images or MPEG1 movie clips to other Bluetooth-enabled products, such as photo printers or handheld devices, completely cable-free.

All Network Handycam camcorders can also be used with Sony's So-netSM Internet access service or other compatible ISPs. In addition, these are the first Mini DV Network Handycam camcorders to provide connectivity through the America Online (AOL) service. These Handycam camcorders' network menus are designed for easy setup with the Sony's So-net and AOL service.

Mini DV Handycam Camcorder Pricing and Availability

DCR-TRV19 - includes NightShot®O Lux recording system and 10X optical/120X precision digital zoom. The DCR-TRV19 model will be available in March for about .

DCR-TRV22 - includes all of the above features plus a color viewfinder Digital Still Memory and MPEG Movie EX Mode with an 8MB Memory Stick® card and super NightShot® O Lux Recording system with color mode. The DCR-TRV22 model will be available in February for about .

DCR-TRV33 - includes all of the above features plus a one-megapixel imager. The DCR-TRV33 model will be available in February for about .

DCR-TRV38 - includes all of the above features plus a 3.5-inch SwivelScreen™ LCD. The DCR-TRV38 model will be available in February for about .

DCR-TRV39 - includes all of the above features plus networking capabilities via USB-PSTN or Ethernet connections. USB-PSTN analog Internet cable is supplied in the box. The DCR-TRV39 model will be available in February for about ,000.

DCR-TRV70 - includes all of the above performance features and a 2.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD as well as a two-megapixel imager. The DCR-TRV70 model will be available in March for about ,300.

DCR-TRV80 - includes all of the above features plus 3.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD and Bluetooth Internet connectivity and Bluetooth peer-to-peer data transfer. The DCR-TRV80 model will be available in March for about ,500.

Sony DCR-TRV80

See pictures of all seven new camcorders here.

All seven MiniDV camcorders also offer Sony's advanced Worry-Free Recording™ features, such as an InfoLithium® battery with the AccuPower™ Meter system and connection via an i.LINK® (DV In/Out IEEE-1394) interface to compatible PCs for digital video editing.

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