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SMal Camera Technologies

Press Release - September 15, 2004

SMaL Camera Technologies Announces a Technology Partnership with Pure Digital Technologies for First All Digital One-Time Use Camera with Color LCD

SMaL Digital Imaging Kit Featured in Recyclable Digital Cameras Now Available in US Market

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (September 15, 2004) – SMaL Camera Technologies, a developer of advanced digital imaging solutions and enabler of award-winning consumer digital still cameras, announced today its Ultra-Pocket® rapid development kit for digital cameras was selected by Pure Digital Technologies for use in the camera portion of the Pure Digital® Imaging Platform. The Pure Digital Platform includes the first 100% all digital one-time- use camera with color preview screen and a unique retail-based client-server architecture that enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of digital photography with the affordability, simplicity, and quality of one-time use film cameras. The Pure Digital Platform has been introduced at leading drug chains and Ritz Camera Centers nationally and will be implemented by Longs Drugs (NYSE: LDG) later this year.

The camera features a 1.4-inch color LCD screen so consumers can instantly preview/review and then keep or delete the image. The camera utilizes the SMaL Ultra-Pocket rapid development kit which provides key components for manufacturers and brands to rapidly enter emerging camera markets: color CMOS image sensor, ASIC controller, taking lens, and complete reference design specifications.

"We’re pleased that Pure Digital selected SMaL’s Ultra-Pocket rapid development kit to enable the image capture function of the Pure Digital Imaging Platform, says Maurizio Arienzo, SMaL's president and chief executive officer. "When we created the ultra-slim digital camera category by introducing the 6mm thin Ultra-Pocket VGA prototype camera at the 2001 International Consumer Electronics Show, we revolutionized the way consumers think about and use digital photography. Pure Digital now opens up an entirely new category within digital photography by delivering -- to the mass market -- convenient, inexpensive, and quality digital photo capturing and printing. Pure Digital’s platform couldn’t be easier to use. And at under for the use of the camera, 25 prints and a picture CD, everyone can afford it."

The SMaL Advantage

SMaL’s kit met all the image capture requirements of the Pure Digital Imaging Platform: high integration, cost-effectiveness for manufacturing, and consistent ability to capture and store high quality images. In addition, the digital images are stored in the camera before processing in an encrypted, uncompressed file format that can only be processed by the Pure Digital Server. This proprietary format allows Pure Digital’s retail customers to produce images of a superior quality over those captured by standard digital cameras using JPEG compression.

SMaL’s kits offer other unique benefits to digital camera users and manufacturers. SMaL's ultra-low power design uses significantly less power than traditional digital cameras. This means that consumers will always have the battery power needed to capture their precious memories – even if the camera sits idle for weeks or months.

The high level of integration in SMaL’s kit results in cameras with only one-half the number of components required by designs from other companies. This low component count means smaller form factors, higher product reliability, and higher manufacturing yield – all contributing to lower overall cost.

"SMaL provided the camera technology we needed to meet the demands of our retail customers," says Jonathan Kaplan, Chairperson and CEO of Pure Digital Technologies. "SMaL’s kit enabled a high-quality camera at a price that makes it attractive for us, our retail partners, and consumers."

Through partnerships with leading consumer electronics manufacturers and brands such as FujiFilm AXIA, Logitech, RadioShack, NHJ, Oregon Scientific, and now Pure Digital, SMaL has supplied millions of components to make digital photography accessible and affordable to everyone.

About SMaL Camera Technologies

SMaL Camera Technologies is an award-winning developer of high quality image sensors and digital imaging solutions for the digital camera, mobile phone, and automotive markets. SMaL's solutions are built around its proprietary CMOS image sensors, image pipeline, ASICs and Autobrite® wide dynamic range technology. The result is industry-leading integration, high dynamic range, low-light sensitivity, low power consumption, and near-infrared sensitivity. SMaL was co-founded and launched in 1999 by leading electronic imaging experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). SMaL is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

For more information on SMaL Camera Technologies and its products, visit the company's web site at

About Pure Digital Technologies, Inc.

Pure Digital Technologies develops imaging technology that powers simple and affordable digital photography solutions for the mass market—including the world’s only 100% digital one-time use cameras. The Pure Digital® Imaging Platform is a retail-focused solution that employs a unique client-server architecture that enables dramatic reductions in camera cost without compromises in quality. Cameras built on the Pure Digital® Imaging Platform combine all the unique benefits of digital photography with the affordability, simplicity and quality of one-time use film cameras. The Pure Digital® Imaging Platform is currently being implemented at many of the world’s leading retail and photo-taking destinations.

Ultra-Pocket and Autobrite are registered trademarks of SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc.

Pure Digital is a registered trademark of Pure Digital Technologies, Inc. Pure Digital Imaging Platform is a trademark of Pure Digital Technologies, Inc.

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